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Scream along the Linq Promenade at 12 stories above ground for the adrenaline of a lifetime.

Museum Of Dream Space
Digital art installations to be touched and experienced from a first-person perspective.

Las Vegas Strip Highlights
See the glitz from the air with a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip.

High Roller
Enjoy an unparalleled 360-degree view of Las Vegas both day and night from the largest observation wheel in the world.

King Of Canyons Landing With Limo
Unique helicopter adventure Takes you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip all started by a limousine ride from your hotel.

Vegas Nights
There is no better way to see the neon on the Strip and downtown than from the air.

Segway Las Vegas
Experience downtown Las Vegas on a Segway.

Highlights Over Grand Canyon Tour
The perfect Grand Canyon tour for people with limited time!

Bodies The Exhibition
View perfectly preserved human body specimens of different parts of the body.

Love Hikes
Enjoy spectacular scenery as you go on a guided hike through the state park.

Drifting Ride Along Experience
Hop into the passenger seat of a tricked-out Dodge SRT Hellcat while a professional driver takes you on a ride filled with burning rubber and high-speed drifting fun.

Siegfried and Roys Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
Siegfried and Roys Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel & Casino where white tigers and lions, leopards and dolphins enjoy the Vegas sun.

Bright Lights City Tour
Take the ultimate tour in an open-air Jeep Wrangler with stops at some of Las Vegas most iconic sites.

Red Rock Canyon
Enjoy the natural beauty of nearby Red Rock Canyon with a guided drive along the areas scenic loop, as well as some off-road adventure.

Sights & Sounds Strip Tour with High Roller
Enjoy Las Vegas in an open air pink Jeep Wrangler which comes with a canopy.

The Range 702
Four-tiered most prominent indoor shooting ranges.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck
Enjoy the most spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip at the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck.

Skywalk Odyssey
Direct helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon Skywalk engineering marvel.

Wind Dancer
Fly over several scenic sights on your way to the Grand Canyon, where you will land and have plenty of time to explore the canyon floor.

Take in the canyon from as many available gorgeous spots as possible.

Western Journey
Fly through the majestic Grand Canyon as you head toward your primary destination – the Grand Canyons stunning West Rim.



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