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The Range 702

The Range 702

Click, click, BOOM. At The Range 702, you’ve got the right to bear arms. But we wouldn’t advise it because those empty shell casings can be sizzling hot (badum bum — we’re writers — of course we know the difference between “bear” and “bare”). But seriously, you know you’re doing something right when you’re a multi-award-winning gun range.

One of the most prominent indoor shooting ranges in southern Nevada, this four-tiered facility is rated five stars by the NRA and is also a winner of the Concierge Choice Award. You know what that means: they’re pretty much considered industry bad asses. With full-time gunsmiths, training courses, a retail store and firearm rentals, this place will have gun enthusiasts drooling all over themselves. And when you’ve got no saliva left in your mouth, they’ve got you covered with a full snack bar to refuel before you reload. At The Range 702, they bring out the big boys, as in machine guns and military-grade weapons, and let guests pop off rounds faster than they can count them.

You wouldn’t buy a car before you drove it, so why would you buy a gun before you shot it? Whether you’re in the market or just blowing off some steam, guests can rent the full spectrum of firearms from pistols to Uzis for around $50. Hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party? The VIP lounge has private shooting lanes that come with a hostess, pool table, flat-screen TV and surround-sound, catering and your own range safety officer. Whether you’re a bona fide sharp shooter or a complete beginner, The Range 702 has got you covered.


The Range 702 Location

The Range 702 address is
5999 Dean Martin Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89118
At this address


Located just a few minutes southwest from the Las Vegas Strip,
west of I-15 and north of Ponderosa Way.


Map Location Of The Range 702




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