The LINQ Hotel & Casino near the heart of the Strip has a young, easygoing attitude with a chic pool deck, a Guy Fieri restaurant and really cool bars — 3535 and O’Sheas Casino. The vibe: College-style fun for adults of all ages, value-oriented with a modern outlook, in the middle of everything. What we love: The best thing about this hotel is its location at the heart of the Strip. Plus, it opens up onto The LINQ Promenade. That means…thanks to all the restaurants and bars housed there…you’ll have access to numerous eating and drinking opportunities all within walking distance of your room. Keep your eyes peeled for Lucky the Leprechaun. That’s Brian Thomas, the lovable mascot of O’Sheas Casino. Follow him into the Irish-themed pub and you’re guaranteed a grand ol’ time. There are three bars — and better yet, cheap drinks. Can we say that again? Cheap drinks. And there’s beer pong. So grab a beer and get your game on. The LINQ Hotel & Casino has a hip pool deck with two distinct areas — a standard hotel pool and a dayclub experience. If you can’t decide between the two, hang out at the center bar. On weekends check out the indoor “recover zone,” where you can actually play pool (this time we mean billiards). Wireless internet access at hotels in Vegas isn’t unusual, but reliable access is. At The LINQ Hotel & Casino, there’s reliable Wi-Fi in the rooms as well as on the gaming floor, in the bars, at the reception area and, well, in pretty much every nook and cranny. This means you’ll never be out of contact with friends and family back home or experience a delay when posting your selfies. Insider tips: The rooms at The LINQ Hotel & Casino are grouped into red, blue and green districts. There are color schemes on the hallway carpeting to help you navigate between them. So when you get off the elevator, if your room is in the “green” district, just follow the green dots. You can do much more than watch reruns of “Friends” on the 47-inch flat-screen TV in your room. Need to get up early? Set the TV’s alarm clock. Pillow too hard? Request a softer one. Feeling competitive? Have a game like Jenga or Uno brought up to you. Hungry? Room service includes delivery from many of the mouthwatering eateries that line The LINQ Promenade. So with a couple of clicks you can have a slice of Flour & Barley pizza, fried chicken from Brooklyn Bowl or a gourmet wiener from Haute Doggery delivered. The 3535 lobby bar,  is named for the numerical part of The LINQ Hotel & Casino’s address, it boasts 35 premium infused spirits from which 16 truly unique martinis and cocktails are crafted. Order one. If you’re a bacon lover, we recommend the Pig Newton. Good to know: This hotel makes our list of top dreaded parking garages in Vegas. It’s old. It’s tight. And we don’t understand why people insist on parking their giant SUVs and “Road Warrior” trucks in there. We strongly recommend you avoid parking in The LINQ Hotel & Casino’s garage. Use the valets for the hotel and The LINQ Promenade…or, if it’s open, use the surface parking lot behind the resort. Be aware that if a music festival or another major event is being hosted in that surface parking lot, you will not be able to park there and you’ll hear noise if you’re staying in the hotel’s east side rooms. Luckily, this is Vegas and you won’t be in your room, right? You’ll be out partying yourself. Starting at 250 square feet, the rooms are small and feel a bit dorm-like. They do, however, make clever use of space. For example, the bathrooms have showers only and we like the super-sized and super handy soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers inside them. While low-tech, they’re highly practical. The rooms at The LINQ Hotel & Casino aren’t completely soundproof. There’s a good chance you’ll hear people in the hallway or guests next to you taking a shower, flushing the toilet or treading around heavily. Luckily, the walls are thick enough that you shouldn’t hear them talking (as long as they’re not carrying on a LOUD CONVERSATION). You must be at least 21 years old to use the pools at The LINQ Hotel & Casino. If there are kids with you, you’ll have to go next door to the Flamingo — which, though a bit inconvenient, isn’t a bad thing because their pool area includes water slides, waterfalls and other fun stuff. 

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