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Westgate Comedy Cabaret

If you’re looking for a show that’ll have you laughing all night long, then the Westgate Comedy Cabaret is the spot for you. The Westgate has hosted legendary comedians like Eddie Murphy and Norm Crosby, but their new comedy venue hands the mike over to some of the up-and-comedy voices of Sin City, and they’re sure to have your sides splitting with their stand-up routines.  Don’t wait. Get your tickets today!

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

The prodigal son has returned! **trumpets blair** Well, sort of. Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade is the place to be for household names and up-and-coming talent in the comedy world, even if the big guy himself isn’t in the building. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to share some not-so-breaking new: Jimmy Kimmel is from Las Vegas. Yes, you read that correctly, he may be big-timing it up in Hollywood now, but he was raised beneath the buzzing neon of the Strip, baby. And he’s come home to pay it forward with his own comedy club. But he’s not just slapping his name on the building and calling it a day. Because he got his start as a comic, he knows what it takes to maximize talent. That’s why every inch of this dual-level 8,000 square-foot venue has been personally designed by Kimmel. Cheap tickets to Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade are available now.

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Some of the best comics in the business are performing nightly at the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Along with the show’s resident headliner, Edwin San Juan, the comedians included in the line up hail from some of the best comedy markets in the country, including Chicago, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The comics have performed on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central specials. No matter who is performing on any given night, the intimate setting of the V Theater makes all audience members feel included in the show regardless of where you’re sitting.  Come for a few drinks and a lot of laughs as the production’s array of talented comedians stir up plenty of laughs.

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

This show has gone to the dogs — and cats. Featuring everyday pets doing extraordinary things, Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater is the cutest show on the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll see dogs, cats, doves and other animals act out scenarios like passengers waiting to board a train, students in a classroom and patients waiting to be seen by a doctor. Of course the passengers, students and patients are played by Popovich’s more than 30 pets. As the creator, he’s the main star of the show. However, his cuddly cast members can’t help but steal the spotlight. The show also features circus acts like juggling, gymnastics and a jump rope routine. Some of the acts are performed by Popovich, while others showcase the talents of his featured artists. One of them is his daughter Anastasie. She dances, twirls a baton and leads a group of adorable dachshunds in a routine. She directs the dogs with ease, a talent she must have inherited from her father. A fifth-generation circus performer, Russian-born Popovich developed his skills at the Moscow Circus School. His talents earned him a spot touring with the Moscow Circus. He has performed throughout Europe, Japan and America in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and at the Circus Circus in Las Vegas. In the show he juggles pins and small hoops and even balances on a free-standing ladder. Hailing from a family of circus performers, Popovich also learned how to create strong bonds with animals and how to train them. All of the animals in the show were rescued from shelters around the country and transformed into stars on the Strip. In 2009, Popovich released his first book, “You CAN Train Your Cat.”

Delirious Comedy Club

Get ready to laugh your seats off with Delirious Comedy Club inside the Downtown Grand Las Vegas.  Everyone likes to make people laugh and the ones who are good at it are performing at Delirious Comedy Club. So get ready to grab your seats and beg for mercy, because your sides are going to be hurting all night long. Enjoy a variety of known comics and up-and-comers as they do their thing onstage. And who knows, with such an intimate environment, you might even be a target, *ahem* apologies, you might be able to participate. Cheap tickets for Delirious Comedy Club are available now. Get yours today.

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Without a doubt, Mac King is the funniest and now, longest-running magician in Las Vegas. He’ll hold you spellbound, while you hold your gut from laughing at his family friendly humor. King’s self-effacing sense of humor, blended with his flawless sleight-of-hand and superbly corny imagination, elevate him to the top of his craft. Plus, his unique combination of endearing Southern charm and offbeat showmanship never fails to produce mesmerizing tricks and a giggling audience.   King’s repertoire includes rope tricks, hand shadow puppets, mysterious appearances of Fig Newtons, live animals (i.e., a worm, a goldfish and his newest addition of Colonel Sanders, his white guinea pig) and a gold lamé cape specially designed for his ever-realistic (well actually not at all realistic but definitely funny) impersonations of Elvis and Liberace. Although appearing to be incompetent, King is truly adept in both his magic and people skills. That’s what makes it possible for him to feature so much audience participation. A veritable parade of volunteers steps onstage each afternoon, providing immediate, awestruck reactions to his tricks.   Our insider tip to you if you want to better your chances of being selected to join Mac onstage: Be outgoing, expressive and sitting in the first several rows. His showroom has traditional chair seating in the front and a few rows of spacious booths in the back – all of which offer clear views of the stage. Except for lighting and music, King makes little use of technology and has no ingeniously engineered props. Everything in his show seems ordinary…but then remarkably exceeds your expectations under impossible circumstances.

LA Comedy Club

The theme song from the beloved ’80s and early ’90s TV sitcom “Cheers” could easily be used for the L.A. Comedy Club. Not only is it a place where you can take a break from all your worries, but the staff here soon will know your name — if they don’t already.  A large percentage of the L.A. Comedy Club’s patrons are locals who have been following the franchise since it was launched several years ago at Palace Station. After a stint in Trader Vic’s at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, it moved to downtown’s Four Queens, then to Bally’s Las Vegas and now is at The STRAT.   Inside the venue you’ll find the hallmarks of a typical comedy club. A mic and wooden stool are front and center on a large stage that is flanked by two video screens. Clips of practical jokes and bloopers are broadcast to patrons before the show begins. There’s a variety of seating options (chairs, tables and booths) — and no matter where you sit, you’ll have a good view.   The format at the L.A. Comedy Club is simple. The bulk of the stage time is given to the The Happy Hour Variety Show starring Julio Gonzalez. Many of the headliners like Felipe Esparza have competed on NBC’s reality laugh fest “Last Comic Standing,” while others including Willie Ferrell, Tom Rhodes, Joey Medina, Butch Bradley and Shang have Showtime, HBO or Comedy Central credits to their name. These headlining comedians are paired with a host from Las Vegas, which is another unique feature of the L.A. Comedy Club. Not only does it offer a top-notch venue for professional comics, but local talent is also nurtured and promoted. Occasionally, a surprise guest or famous friend of a headliner stops by and performs to the delight of customers as well. Be sure to get your dose of laughs during your Vegas vacation. 

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

When it comes to comedy and magic with an edge, Mike Hammer nails it. With more than 25 years of performing under his belt, Hammer is a master at making quick-witted comebacks and improvising with the audience. Hammer’s hard-hitting show features mind reading, double-edged razor blade swallowing, gags, pranks and all out mayhem. Every show is unique and includes a large amount of audience participation. Be ready. For audiences at his show, it’s time to get Hammer’d. Before landing in Vegas, Hammer entertained audiences across the country with his interactive routine. He’s performed for thousands of companies, colleges, comedy clubs and casinos. His corporate clients include Sony, Dell, Toyota, Lexus and Harrah’s to name a few. Aside from magic, he’s worked as a game show host for numerous national clients. Hammer also performs as a master of ceremonies and presenter including acting as ring announcer for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions in Vegas.

Atomic Saloon Show

Anything can happen in the wild wild west; welcome to the Atomic Saloon inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort. Saddle up for the rowdiest, raunchiest riot of drop-dead sexy circus, variety, and comedy mayhem this side of the mighty Mississippi! Set inside the real-life Atomic Saloon, Madam Boozy Skunkton and her sensationally talented, outrageously amoral crew throw a nightly boozy-doozy of a show smack in the middle of Sin City’s wildest real-life watering hole!

Potted Potter – All 7 Harry Potter books in 70 minutes

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s been a small, teeny, tiny book series floating around for a few years. Actually, they’ve even turned that book series into a few movies, too. Well, Potted Potter – All 7 Harry Potter Books in 70 Minutes inside Horseshoe Las Vegas is a hilarious attempt to condense the entire series into one showing. This is one challenge you’ll want to see! Obviously, we’re crackin’ jokes over here, because if you haven’t heard of Harry Potter (one of the world’s largest entertainment phenomena’s, BTW), you’ve literally been frozen inside a time capsule for about, oh, 20 BLEEPING YEARS! It’s everywhere! Books, movies, theme parks, t-shirts, bouncy balls, literally EVERYWHERE. Whether you’re new to the series or you’re a Potterhead, you’re going to love Potted Potter. Get ready to laugh your quidditch sticks off as the show’s characters try to recreate all seven books in about seventy minutes. Created by two-time Olivier Award-nominated actors Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, this is a horcrux of comedy with ridiculous props, costumes and even a fire-breathing dragon. You won’t want to miss it. Cheap tickets for Potted Potter at Horseshoe Las Vegas are available now.

Josh Blue

After his unforgettable win on Last Comic Standing, Josh Blue’s mission is to spread laughter and break down stereotypes of people with disabilities.  Josh Blue has guest starred on multiple late-night talk shows, and he was even the first comic to have a stand-up special shown in movie theaters.  He’s had four stand-up specials to date, a CD release that features original music described as ‘Tom Waits meets the muppets,’ and he’s also on the United States Paralympic soccer team.  Josh Blue is not a cerebral palsy comic; he is a comedic genius who happens to have cerebral palsy. 

Hannah Berner

The hilarious Hannah Berner is coming to the Encore Theater for her Las Vegas debut, and you won’t want to miss a single laugh-out-loud moment.  This rising star in the comedy world has over 1.4 million followers across her social platforms, and her two podcasts, Giggly Squad and Berning in Hell, have over 20 million downloads. Named one of Just For Laughs ‘New Faces of Comedy’ in 2022, Hannah Berner is well known in clubs across New York City and is now moving her shows on tour for audiences to enjoy all over the country.  Check out this growing talent in comedy for one night only at the Encore Las Vegas!

Jamie Lissow

Actor and stand-up comedian Jamie Lissow is hitting the Laugh Factory stage inside the Tropicana for a night of fun.  Jamie Lissow is best known for his role in the Netflix series Real Rob alongside SNL alums like Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Norm McDonald, and David Spade. He co-wrote and co-produced the series as well as co-writing and producing his first movie, Daddy Daughter Trip, which recently wrapped filming. He’ll also be starring in the feature film, The Animal 2 on Fox.  You may have seen Lissow on multiple late-night talk shows, on the Last Comic Standing, his Dry Bar Comedy appearance, which has over 20 million views, or his solo half-hour special on Comedy Central. Get your tickets now!

Ray Romano and Brian Regan

Ray Romano and Brian Regan have teamed up to entertain Vegas audiences at the Mirage! Ray Romano has been a superstar on the comedy scene for decades. He’s most famous for playing the titular role in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” which he scored after multiple appearances on the “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show.” More recently, he has appeared in several movies and shows, including the “Ice Age” franchise, “Parenthood” and “Men of a Certain Age.” Brian Regan is a stand up comedy master who has been creating laughs through his multiple stand up specials, appearances on late night shows, and his voice acting talents on multiple animation shows. Head on down to the Mirage to witness these comedy superstars in action. You’ll be cracking up from start to finish.    

Tig Notaro

A legend in the comedy world, Tig Notaro was named one of Rolling Stone’s ’50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time,’ and she’s been Emmy and Grammy-nominated.  Her work includes numerous talk show appearances, multiple podcasts, and appearances in films like Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead and shows like Stark Trek: Discovery and her co-written cutting-edge show One Mississippi.  You won’t want to miss this comedy rockstar in action!  

Ali Wong: Live

Let’s talk about sex… and Ali Wong. Those two belong in a sentence the same as unicorns and rainbows. Ali Wong embraces the Asian persuasion and rolls with all the stereotypical jokes that come along with it. She even took it a step further and got an Asian American Studies degree from UCLA. Yeah, you can say she knows a lot about the struggle of her people. But, that doesn’t stop her from talking about all the hot sexy Asian men she wants to ride into the sunset. Her stand-up special on Netflix called “Baby Cobra” is sure to show her interests in men and might as well be classified as soft core porn. Yeah, it’s that intense. And she’ll make you laugh so much you’ll throw your vibrator out of the window. Yeah, we went there, but so will she, so we’re just trying to warm you up. She’s ready to raise a few eyebrows and make you pee your pants laughing. Get tickets to Ali Wong at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas today!

The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge has one of the most unique acts on the Strip as well as one of the most unique job titles: Mentalist. As a “mentalist,” McCambridge reads the minds of random audience members and predicts the outcome of random situations during the performance. The entire show is also laced with comedy and plenty of audience interaction, making each performance a different experience. For the past 20 years, celebrities have flown McCambridge, also known as the “Mentalist to the Stars,” around the world to entertain at Hollywood parties. He has performed for such names as Donald Trump, Courteney Cox, Howard Stern, Lisa Kudrow, Tim Burton, Dennis Miller, David Spade, Carrie Fisher and many more. In 2004 McCambridge had his first one-hour network prime-time television special on NBC. Millions more around the world have seen the special in countries such as Canada, Africa, Australia, Korea, the Middle East, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In the summer of 2004, McCambridge also took his one-man mind reading show to New York City. His off-Broadway show was a critically-praised hit.

Magic Mike Live – Las Vegas

Ladies! Let’s get in formation because the men of Magic Mike are here to slay our hearts and our eyes. Leave the boyfriend at home – or hell bring him – and enjoy a night of strip teases, killer dance moves and even some comedy. Channing Tatum, star of the popular movie “Magic Mike,” created this show due to the overwhelming success of the franchise. The production features alluring choreography and thrives off of audience reactions. The show has no bias towards gender: men and women alike hoot and holler because these men are too hot to keep your voices down. Inside this fantastic theater space there isn’t a bad seat in the house, with every spot perfectly situated to give every guest an eyeful of these handsome hunks. What makes this show truly spectacular is the fact that they highlight every performers unique assets, and no we aren’t just talking their physical ones. These men can sing, play guitar, dance the salsa, perform aerial spins, and one even gives a lucky lady the chance to sit on his lap while he plays a drum set that descends from the ceiling.  This Vegas show has it all: stunning production value, gorgeous men, and plenty of scream-worthy audience participation. Magic Mike Live packs the heat, so make sure to bring your fan – you’re going to need it after the first guy takes his shirt off.

Piff the Magic Dragon show

Piff The Magic Dragon and his loyal pup, Mr. Piffles, are bringing their unique comedy magic to the Flamingo Las Vegas.  On the heels of his success with the famed reality television show,”America’s Got Talent,” this magical dragon is bringing big laughs and unexplainable magic to Las Vegas. Piff, Mr. Piffles (the World’s Only Magic Performing Chihuaua), and the lovely Vegas showgirl Jade Simone will be wowing audiences with a collection of their greatest routines from their evolving magical repertoire. Don’t miss your chance to have a laugh and be amazed when Piff and his furry pal take the Vegas stage at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

Jim Jefferies

What do kangaroos, Vegemite, and comedian Jim Jefferies at Mirage have in common? They’re all super popular in the U.S., and you thought we were going to say that they were all from Australia. Jim Jefferies is from Australia, but much like those aforementioned Australian staples, Jefferies has gone global. Jefferies has been makin’ blokes and sheilas laugh since 2007, but it wasn’t until 2009 that his comedy reached international audiences here in the states. Since then, he’s performed at too many festivals and famous venues to count. He was even recently awarded the coveted title of Stand-Up Comedian of the Year at the Just For Laughs Festival and just finished the final season of his talk show on Comedy Central. He’s also created three separate comedy specials on Netflix as well as his weekly podcast. Get your tickets now to see the hilarious Jim Jefferies at the Mirage!  

Daniel Tosh

When we say the words “Daniel Tosh,” what comes to mind? Below the belt punches? Crop-dusting people? Internet videos? That’s actually not too far from the truth, because we’re sure he’s going to talk about all those things when he steps on stage in Vegas.   Daniel Tosh is ridiculously popular due to his time spent as host of the hit Comedy Central show “Tosh.0,” but even he’ll tell you that standup is his first love. At least we think. We can’t shake the feeling that this dude is messing with us. Anyways, Tosh is a man of many talents, as his numerous standup specials and his own cartoon show prove. Oh yeah, he created his own cartoon show on Comedy Central called “Brickleberry.” What have we done with our life, right? We’re just going to warn you: Daniel Tosh is an acquired taste. Much like crop-dusting people, actually.

Jerry Seinfeld

Nasally voice, curly cues (nope, it’s not Adam Sandler), it’s one of our faves, Jerry Seinfeld. He’s hitting the Vegas Strip and it’s kind of a big deal. Launching his stand-up career at New York’s Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, Seinfeld has become one of the brightest stars of them all. Boy, New York sure knows how to make ’em. Most of you probably know him from the iconic ‘90s show “Seinfeld,” which everyone still loves. Since becoming humongously successful, he’s become a best-selling author, movie actor and a show creator (again!). All while staying true to his stand-up roots.  Don’t miss one of the most famous funnymen in the world as he sets up shop in Sin City.

Laugh Factory

The world-famous Laugh Factory has a home in Vegas at the Tropicana. The comedy club features a rotating roster of established comedians and new rising stars of comedy. The original Laugh Factory opened in 1979 in Hollywood and soon became known for spawning some of the hottest stand-up comedians in the world. Countless comics have performed at the Laugh Factory since its inception including: Tim Allen, Louie Anderson, Roseanne Barr, Milton Berle, David Brenner, Nick Cannon, Drew Carey, George Carlin, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Rodney Dangerfield, Ellen DeGeneres, Phyllis Diller, Jeff Dunham, Jeff Foxworthy, Redd Foxx, Eddie Griffin, Kathy Griffin, Buddy Hackett, Bob Hope, Andy Kaufman, Sam Kinison, Martin Lawrence, Jay Leno, David Letterman, George Lopez, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Carlos Mencia, Mo’Nique, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Paul Reiser, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Bob Saget, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, Wanda Sykes, Chris Tucker, Damon Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Flip Wilson, Robin Williams and many more. As a starting point for so many successful comedians, the Laugh Factory has been recognized as “The No. 1 Comedy Club in the Country” by USA Today. With locations in Long Beach, Calif., Chicago and now Las Vegas, the Laugh Factory is known around the world as one of the premiere spots for comedy.

David Spade with guest Nikki Glaser

This comedy superstar duo is one Las Vegas stand-up show you won’t want to miss! David Spade began his successful career on SNL, and he’s been consistently seen in TV and movies ever since. His many credits include shows like Just Shoot Me and Rules of Engagement and films like The Emperor’s New Groove, Coneheads, Black Sheep, and Grown Ups one and two.  Nikki Glaser is known for her no-holds-barred commentary through her time on multiple Comedy Central roasts, her daily podcast, and her many late-night talk show appearances. Her TV and film credits include the shows A.P. Bio, Inside Amy Schumer, and the film I Feel Pretty.

Jew Man Group

This musical tribute show highlights the many iconic Jewish performers that have become household names throughout history.  This celebratory parody features famous comedy bits from celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Billy Crystal, Mel Brooks, and more performed by a trio of talented artists. Down to Earth, timeless, and light-hearted, Jew Man Group is the laugh-out-loud Vegas show at the Tuscany Suites & Casino’s Copa Room you’ve been waiting for.

Laugh After Dark with Live Band

The award winning standup comedy tv show is now LIVE in Las Vegas, and you won’t want to miss a single side splitting minute of it.  Featuring stand-up comedian Charlie Wilson, The Fremont Funk band, and a rotating list of fantastic comics from across the country, every show will be a completely different experience.  So grab your friends and enjoy a night of laughs and funky music at Laugh After Dark inside the OYO Las Vegas.

Jon Lovitz

Jon Lovitz has been a comedy legend since the 1980s, and now he’s bringing his stand-up comedy genius to the Tropicana’s Laugh Factory to make audiences laugh out loud.  Starting strong with a stint on Saturday Night Live, where he received his first Emmy nomination, Lovitz’s career hit the races at warp speed. Booking multiple film roles in beloved comedies such as The Producers, A League of Their Own, The Wedding Singer, Big, and many others all within the same decade.  Jon Lovitz is also a talented voice actor that has been featured in multiple films and television shows. Just a few of these appearances include The Simpsons, The Brave Little Toaster, and the Spielberg-produced An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.  As one of the only actors to become a stand-up comedian after hitting it big, Jon Lovitz has been successfully headlining multiple nightclubs and theaters across the country for the last ten years.  Check out this comedy mastermind in action and get your tickets to see Jon Lovitz at the Laugh Factory Today!

Leslie Jones

She’s loud, she’s tall, and she’ll probably ask you for your digits, that’s completely normal right? We’re getting in line to see Leslie Jones, and so should you. Best known for her work on “Saturday Night Live,” Jones has also been a featured performer at the “Just For Laughs” festival as well as the “Aspen Comedy Festival.” Launching into prime time in 2011, Jones made a name for herself with her one-hour comedy special “Problem Child,” which aired on Showtime. Also an actress, Jones has appeared in a ton of movies including “Masterminds,” “Trainwreck” and “Ghostbusters.” You can also see her in Taika Waititi’s swash-buckling pirate comedy “Our Flag Means Death” on HBO.  Don’t miss your chance to indulge in a night of laughter when Leslie Jones takes the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas stage.


TAPE FACE is one of those comedians who looks a little bonkers. But, we promise he means no harm, it’s all part of his act, and you’ll want to see what he does next. Plus, since he doesn’t speak this is a Las Vegas comedy show that anyone, no matter what age, can enjoy.  Sam Wills creation of the character TAPE FACE woo’d the judges with his eccentric comedy routine on America’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Believe it or not, Simon Cowell even smiled a little, and that’s saying something since he’s the most serious dude in the world. This modern-day jester uses the art of music and props to coax the best reaction out of the audience. The characters stunts will have you laughing and telling stories to your friend for days. Did we mention he graduated from Clown College? Oh ya, that’s a thing.  In the name of showbiz, you want to make your character duplicable so that others can act the part, think Danny Zuko from “Grease” or Elphaba from “Wicked.” New Zealand comedian Sam Wills created the character “TAPE FACE” and now recruited a killer cast to recreate the eccentric, whimsical character for you nightly inside Harrah’s Las Vegas.   Check out TAPE FACE when he sticks his comedy routine on to the Vegas stage. Get your cheap tickets to TAPE FACE inside Harrah’s Las Vegas.  VIP tickets include seating before regular and GA sections and closest seating to the stage. Plus, receive TAPE FACE swag bag which includes: TAPE FACE T-shirt, Signed Cartoon TAPE FACE Photo, Souvenir Poker Chip and TAPE FACE Lanyard.

Felipe Esparza

Felipe Esparza is two things we love: a comedian and an underdog. Lucky for you, he’s coming to Vegas so he can show us the laughs we deserve. Esparza didn’t start his career in the best of places, but you can only go up after coming out of rehab, right? That’s where all the famous kids go anyway, or so that’s what we’ve heard. So basically he was one of the coolest kids on the block and he used that experience to come up with stand up skits that are down right hilarious. After he got clean, he went on to win the “Last Comic Standing” and made several TV appearances in “The Eric Andre Show,” “Superstore” and “World’s Dumbest.” Then he scored big when he landed his stand up special “They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You” on Netflix. Time to witness what made him an overnight success. Cheap tickets to Felipe Esparza at Treasure Island Las Vegas are available now.

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Award-winning hypnotist Kevin Lepine takes audiences on an unforgettable comedy thrill ride in his show, Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine. A certified hypnotherapist, Lepine’s show is infused with razor-sharp comedy and mind-blowing hypnosis. His uninhibited humor isn’t for kids, but adults of all ages have fun cutting loose at Lepine’s shows. Before landing in Las Vegas, Lepine entertained audiences in Detroit and New Orleans and since his first national broadcast, “In Your Head,” Lepine has earned the nickname, “the rock star of hypnosis.”  Be prepared for a night of wild fun when Lepine takes the stage!

Marriage Can Be Murder

No, it’s not your average bachelor’s view of saying “I do.” Marriage Can Be Murder is an award-winning interactive comedy and murder mystery dinner experience where the audience members become part of the show. If you liked the movie “Clue,” then this is a dinner show that you will want to sink your teeth into. Anyone can be a suspect as actors are not readily apparent among the seemingly innocent guests. You might be seated next to another patron or maybe even the murder suspect, but only time will tell as the night unravels and more clues are revealed. Guests are seated at banquet tables. Salad and warm rolls are served first, followed by an entrée with your choice of chicken or beef and ice cream for dessert. DD, a sometimes ditzy and sometimes clued-in blonde, is your host for the evening. DD assigns some guests roles including doctor or pallbearer who are called to service each time someone is murdered. “This guy has sax appeal,” says DD as she stops by one male guest who looks like he would be a good fit for the processional band. Each guest has a game card that DD refers to as sleuth pad. The card has a space for your name and a place to write who the victim and killer are and what the motive is for each of the four murders that take place during the show. After the first murder, police Lt. Eric Post arrives. Wearing too short and fitted khaki shorts, Post makes the audience laugh before he even opens his mouth. He interrogates guests while consulting DD for some background information. “This guy’s name was Dan Druff?” asks Post. “He was flaky,” replies DD. The entire show is filled with funny one-liners like this as DD, Post and a few other wacky characters attempt to find the killer. After the main course is served, there’s a short break where people can mingle, discuss the murders and get the names of other guests and potential suspects. During this time, some people get out of their seats while others chat amongst themselves. You can be as involved or uninvolved with this show as you want and still have a good time. Making murder a laughing matter doesn’t seem possible, but husband and wife team Eric and Jayne Post, who star as the lieutenant and DD in the show, have no problem stirring up laughs with their comical banter. They created the four-dimensional theater concept more than 20 years ago. It’s the longest-running dinner show in Las Vegas with more than 10 years of success. “Guests keep coming back to see the show because they enjoy the interaction of characters on stage and in the crowd. Our audience members love that they are submerged into the action and with their reactions, each show takes on a different twist and turn,” said Post. Marriage Can Be Murder combines comedy and suspense to keep you guessing through dessert. So get out your magnifying glass and detective hat for a night of mystery and fun at the Orleans. Chef’s Tasting Menu: Mixed Spring Salad with Two Dressings Smoked bourbon brown sugar tri-tip   Grilled lemon butter chicken breast   Red russet buttery mashed potatoes   Bacon almond green beans   Vanilla Ice Cream with butter toasted pecans with kosher salt and chocolate drizzle   Vegetarian Option – Marinara pasta with sautéed vegetables  

Russell Peters: Act Your Age Tour

Hailed as one of “Rolling Stone” magazine’s 50 Best Comics of All Time, Russell Peters will be sharing his hilarious brand of comedy with audiences at Wynn Las Vegas’ Encore Theater. Peters was a pioneer as the first comedian featured on a Netflix Original Comedy Special in 2013. No stranger to appealing to large audiences, In 2011, Peters performed in front of 30,000 people over two nights in O2 Arena in London. In 2007, Peters was the first comedian in history to sell out the Air Canada Centre with 16,000 tickets sold out in just two days. Like we said, Peters is a man of many talents. In addition to an accomplished comedian, Peters is a philanthropist, author and a hip-hop DJ. He is also recognized for being an award-winning writer, producer and actor. He has a Peabody Award and an International Emmy Award for Best Programming for his production of a documentary about hip-hop music (told you he was a fan). But his claim to fame will always be comedy. Did you know he was the first comedian to get a Netflix stand-up special? It’s no joke that he’s one of the highest-paid comedians in the world. The dude is hilarious. Cheap tickets for Russell Peters at Wynn Las Vegas are available now. 

Zombie Burlesque

Have you ever had that awkward moment where one person in your group wants to see a zombie show and the other wants to see a burlesque show? Thankfully, Zombie Burlesque is available to end the debate. Admittedly a delicate balance, Zombie Burlesque manages to satisfy those who come for the antics of the undead and the booty twerking, alike. More than just a mindless strip show though (pun intended), Zombie Burlesque is, plain-and-simply, a good time. Because we’re all 15 years-old at heart, jokes about flesh eating and fornicating will obviously never get old, but the dancing, singing, body bending and aerial routines will have your jaw dropping in amazement. Shock, awe and overall awesomeness aside, the show’s element of improvisation means that no two shows are ever the exact same, which is about as fresh as a recently murdered –err-, maybe we shouldn’t go down that road. Zombie fans, burlesque lovers, comedy fanatics, this show has something for everyone. Now if only it was this easy to get everyone to agree on dinner.

Murray The Magician

With his wild, electric blond hair, Murray is hard to miss. Some 22 million viewers nationwide watched the charismatic magician perform as a semifinalist on the NBC hit show “America’s Got Talent.” He did the largest magic trick ever performed on the show by making a 1918 steam train locomotive vanish in mere seconds. Now you can see Murray perform live on the Vegas stage. Murray is well known for his larger-than-life illusions, such as making a Ferrari appear from thin air and transforming a showgirl into a 450-pound tiger. With a knack for keeping his audience entranced with amazement, his show gives his onlookers a uniquely immersive experience. During the show he performs two of his signature illusions in the middle of the audience, giving them an intrusive 360-degree view of him and his tricks while leaving no hiding space. Even when he’s on stage, the showroom makes everyone feel like they are up close to Murray and his mind-blowing magic. Aside from “America’s Got Talent,” Murray has been featured in various other TV shows. He has guest starred as a magic expert on the History Channel’s hit TV series “Pawn Stars.” His other TV credits include VH1’s “Celebracadabra” and “Tough Love,” Comedy Central’s “Reno 911,” NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and Fox’s “Celebrity Blind Date.”

Carrot Top

Picking a comedy show to see in Vegas is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the research for you—we know you deserve the best while visiting the Strip! So, make your way down to the Luxor and check out Carrot Top, one of Vegas’s best comedy residencies for over 25 years. This guy is an absolute riot, combining comical commentary on current events with outrageous prop comedy. He’s got a trunk full of bizarre items, including several of his own inventions, which add an extra layer of hilarity to his jokes. Add in his wacky personality, over-the-top red hair, and the fact that he barely takes the time to breathe between jokes, and you’re in for a show that will have you doubled over laughing from start to finish. It’s no wonder that he’s been praised as both “Entertainer of the Year” and “Comedian of the Year.” His shows are, quite simply, one heck of a good time. Trust us—you don’t want to miss an opportunity to see this guy in person!

X Country

Ladies and gents, let us be the first to tell you that you do not have to be a fan of country music to kick up your boots and enjoy this show… although it would help. Rousing audiences with sultry dance numbers and sexy costumes, the beautiful women of X Country get down country-style to current and classic country music chart toppers. From the producers of X Burlesque, X Rocks and X Comedy, the brand’s newest addition to the x-rated line of smokin’ hot entertainment is X Country, “A Kick’n Topless Revue.” Think long legs, Daisy Dukes and sexy boots and don’t miss your chance to get in on this rowdy country-themed fun.

Gordie Brown

Can’t decide between a comedy show, a concert, and a celebrity impersonator? Check out Gordie Brown and you’ll be sure to get a taste of all three.  He’ll have you cracking up throughout the show, alternating between a whole host of celebrities and musicians. One minute he’s doing a flawless “you talkin’ to me” Robert De Niro, and the next he’s jamming out to “Burning Love” by Elvis. Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Prince, Willie Nelson…you never know who he might transform into next! When we say that he sings, we’re not talking about some half-baked covers. He executes stunning impersonations of the musicians in concert, and it feels like you’re actually at Madison Square Garden listening to Willie Nelson. You’ll be shaking your head wondering why nobody mentioned that Michael Jackson is back from the dead. The show is different every night, so you’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Brown takes requests from the audience, impersonating celebrities as the crowd shouts out their names. Make sure that you think of a couple of good ones before you get to the Golden Nugget.   

Adam London Laughternoon

Adam London’s afternoon comedy magic show, Laughternoon, features clever sleight-of-hand magic with a touch of hilarious comedy. London became interested in magic after watching his grandfather perform card tricks. He started out in musical theater in college and perfected his craft in comedy clubs around the world including L.A. Comedy Club and the Improv Comedy Club. He had a stint working for the Mac King Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas and has worked in the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. London also recently appeared on an episode of Fox’s “Raising Hope.”

Jack Whitehall: Jackarse Tour

Jack Whitehall may look familiar through his acting work in movies like Jungle Cruise, Good Omens, and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, but Jack Whitehall’s stand-up is where this comedian really takes center stage!  Jack Whitehall’s Netflix special I’m Only Joking was released in 2020 and his Stood Up tour sold out arenas across the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.  His fast-talking and laugh-out-loud stories are guaranteed to have you in stitches! Get tickets today.

Penn & Teller

There are some basic rules of magic. Never tell your audience how a trick is done, don’t show the audience how you prep for a trick, and never, ever perform the classic cups and balls trick with transparent cups. Well, Penn and Teller manage to break all of these rules and more in their show at the Rio Hotel and Casino and it’s perfection. Just like every amazing duo, Penn and Teller have their strengths and weaknesses and combined, they create the perfect storm of comedy, magic and entertainment. The tall, lanky Penn serves as a narrator, providing a running comedic commentary on just about everything they do, while Teller handles much of the show’s action, all without saying a single word. While there are some elements of classic magic and sleight of hand in the show, most of the tricks are incredibly creative, innovative, and sometimes bordering on the macabre. The fun of this show is that the duo lets the audience in on some of the tricks, but others are meant to completely mystify the crowd and it works. Comedic, mind-bending, and totally entertaining, Penn & Teller is a classic Vegas show that is a vacation rite of passage.  


With successful stints on America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent and Australia’s Got Talent, LIOZ is primed to usher in a new era of magic and comedy to the famed Las Vegas stage. Hailed as a “Comedy Genius” by Simon Cowell and “Brilliant” by Howie Mandel, LIOZ has amassed more than 500 million views on social media. As soon as you enter the theatre, you will feel the electrifying comedic energy, surrounded with a “magical” atmosphere, to ensure keeping you in stitches right from the beginning! The wow-worthy, side-splitting show is fast-paced, with endless surprising and hilarious content that will make you laugh constantly and hysterically!

Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil

NYC’s wildest night out comes to the Las Vegas stage! Mad Apple is a delicious Cirque du Soleil cocktail of high-flying acrobatics, music, dance, comedy, and magic celebrating the city that never sleeps. Starring comedian Brad Williams, Mad Apple is a nonstop New York thrill ride from the moment you step into the theater. From pre-show acts and boozy libations at the stunning stage bar to plenty of dance tunes, Mad Apple blurs the lines between circus, live entertainment, and New York nightlife. Featuring fantastic acts and a dynamic mix of musicians, dancers, comedians, magicians, and circus performers, Mad Apple rewrites the script on Las Vegas entertainment. One of the stand-out acts in Mad Apple is a stunning acrobat that flies through the air by her hair to the Lady Gaga hit, “Born This Way,” accompanied by a cast of singers and dancers. Her range of graceful movements and high-speed spins show off both her amazing talent and the strength of her luscious locks. Do you think she’d share her haircare routine with us? Each act is like a snapshot from a different nocturnal side of New York, brought to life by underground stars, high-flying acrobats, street performers, up-and-coming entertainers, and the biggest hits only at New York-New York Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

House of Magic

Inspired by the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, The House of Magic brings audiences a rotating cast of hilarious magicians to the Downtown Grand. Each performer is a master at their craft with many earning features on America’s Got Talent, HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, and more.  Enjoy a night of laughter and illusions when these magicians put a modern twist on a classic artform every Thursday through Sunday at 6 p.m. at the House of Magic.

Rich Little

Impersonations are hard. We’ve tried our hand at it and have been called a “garbage fire” at worst, and “not good” at best. Hopefully we can pick up some pointers when master impressionist Rich Little hits the Vegas stage. Calling Little a “master impressionist,” is a bit of an understatement. The dude is a comedy icon. During the ‘70s he was a regular on “Hollywood Squares,” “The Judy Garland Show,” and even was a guest host on “The Tonight Show” 12 times. Name a person or celebrity and Little can drop a spot-on impersonation. His Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra and Kermit the Frog bits are legendary. He’s so good, he’s been known to step in for stars who can’t do their own soundtrack dubbings. Little is going to teach a master’s course on impersonations. Feel free to borrow our notes afterwards if you want.



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