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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

An ultra modern and high-end hotel with top-rated dining choices, popular nightlife options and unique, rotating attractions. The vibe: Über chic and sleek with a sophisticated design. This is a place to see and be seen. What we love: Normally, a combination of unlimited alcohol and a lack of inhibitions would veto the idea of a nice balcony in a hotel room. But at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, most Terrace One Bedrooms have a balcony. Even better, The Cosmopolitan has some of the best balcony views in town. For a bit extra, you can score a view of the Bellagio Fountains. And, while they cost more, the Wraparound Terrace Suites are panoramic and you can see all the way down or up the Strip (depending on which side of the hotel you’re on). Three levels-three words: The Chandelier Bar. Draped in enough sparkling crystal to make even Liberace jealous, the bar is adorned by a few million crystals in strands that run from the ceiling to the floor, making revelers feel as if they’re wrapped in a chandelier itself. It’s super sexy with a lot to offer including different menus on the each of the three tiers. The first level is a little more casino bar-like and often has live music or a DJ. Climb the glass staircase to the second tier and you’ll find the unrelenting creativity of true mixologists. Up one more floor to the posh lounge where you will indulge in the feminine mystique with a bird’s eye view. Let’s face it, at busy times all hotels have a wait at check-in. But at The Cosmopolitan the awesome floor-to-ceiling columns in the lobby that are wrapped in digital screens make the wait a bit more bearable. There’s eight of them and their rotating displays of film, photography, 2D and 3D animation are mesmerizing enough to keep us distracted in line or waiting for someone. Bonus: The displays are curated and changed on a regular basis so there’s always something new displaying. Insider tips: When booking one of the Terrace Wraparound Suites we love, make sure to ask for one that overlooks the Bellagio Fountains. The higher up you go, the more incredible the view. Take it from us; if you’re going to splurge on your vacation, this is where to do it. The second level of the Chandelier Bar has the best mixologists in the whole joint. While it’s not on the menu, order the Verbena. It’s an experience all on its own. You begin with chewing on the Szechuan Button, a little flower bud that will make your tongue tingle and go numb before the infusion of citrus and ginger burst into your mouth. Where else can you get an experience like that (assuming you’ve moved on from the days of pop rocks and soda)?  If you’re looking for a fine-dining experience on a budget, skip dinner and indulge in a little midday gluttony. Estiatorio Milos boasts some of the freshest and most-mouthwatering seafood in the desert and their three-course lunch menu is a bargain.  Good to know: The underground parking garage can be a bit confusing and kind of feels like you’re driving down into the center of the earth. If you’re claustrophobic, your Spidey sense is going to be out of control. The first set of elevator banks in the garage will not only take you to the lobby for check-in, but also straight to the buffet. The elevators at the west end are closer to the casino and shopping. While some people are completely comfortable in their silver fox or cougar status, others may think the crowd is a little too young and rowdy. If your glory days were more than two decades ago, you may want to consider your threshold for drunken 20-something shenanigans. Opulence ain’t cheap, folks. While you may not have to auction your first-born child to pay your tab, this is definitely not the dollar store. But honestly, if money is what you’re worried about on your next trip to Vegas, you probably won’t stay here anyway. This is definitely a place for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Smoking anywhere within the Cosmopolitan is no longer allowed, you can however still light up while seated at a slot machine or while at a table game if it has a plexiglass divider, inside the sportsbook or if you’re sitting inside a lounge. What shows and concerts are playing at The Cosmopolitan?: Shows playing at The Cosmopolitan are Opium and seasonal concerts and headliners in the Chelsea Theater. What is there to do at The Cosmopolitan?: The Cosmopolitan has the Superfrico supper club, Dive In Movies at the Boulevard Pool, multiple bars with live entertainment, luxury shopping and the Marquee Nightclub. What makes The Cosmopolitan unique?: A foodie’s dream dripping in glitz and glamour, The Cosmopolitan has some of the best food on The Strip with an elegance that is unrivaled. Make sure you take a picture with one of the giant high-heeled shoes around the resort.



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