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Museum of Illusions

Discover a brilliant collection of perspective-changing rooms, enthralling installations, and spellbinding images. Our exhibits will teach you that nothing is ever quite as it seems, especially in the Museum of Illusions Las Vegas. Get ready to be mesmerized! Engage in mind-bending installations that will shock your senses, puzzle your perceptions, and astonish you. Hang out with your clones, swap noses with your friends, and serve your head on a platter. Dive into the amazing world of the unbelievable and the impossible! Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of illusions and let our captivating rooms play tricks on your mind! Get a glimpse of infinity, take a walk in the upside-down world, and grow and shrink your body all in one place.  Amusing and captivating tricks will teach you about vision, perception, and the mysterious ways of the human brain. What you see and what you think you see are two completely different concepts – see for yourself!

Paradox Museum Las Vegas

Grab the family and spend the day in the reality-defying Paradox Museum. Enter a world where nothing makes sense, and yet everything is real! You’ll enjoy mind-blowing exhibits like the upside-down room where everything is inverted, along with other rooms that’ll have you changing sizes and interacting in unexpected ways. 

Escape IT

He’ll feast on your flesh while he feeds on your fear, Pennywise is here in Las Vegas, and it’s up to you and your team to stop him from feasting on the children in Derry.  Escape IT brings the highest-grossing horror film of all time to life by filling over 20 explorable rooms with state-of-the-art special effects, lighting, animatronics, and live actors.  Put your critical thinking skills to the test while navigating through some of the film’s most iconic locations, like the Neibolt House, The Losers’ Clubhouse, and the sewers below Derry to escape the horrifying maw of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.  Remember, We all float down here. 

Discovering King Tut’s Tomb

A ground-breaking discovery, mountains of glittering gold artifacts, and a mummy’s curse await any visitor with the courage to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Discovering King Tut’s Tomb at the Luxor transports guests back to the year 1922 when archaeologist Howard Carter made the discovery of a lifetime, the perfectly-preserved resting place of an ancient Egyptian Pharoah.  The immersive exhibit follows Carter’s footsteps through the treasure-filled antechamber, hallways covered in hieroglyphics, and the burial chamber where you’ll observe the boy king in his sarcophagus with his iconic death mask. The accompanying audio guide available for an additional fee aids in your experience by giving you Howard Carter’s exact words about his monumental find.  Explore the ancient world in a way only modern technology can achieve with Discovering King Tut’s Tomb at the Luxor Las Vegas.


AREA15 is known for its immersive experiences, and the stunning new attraction Illuminarium is the perfect addition.  The space uses 4K interactive projection, 360-degree audio, in-floor vibrations, and scent systems to build a riveting experience unlike anything else in Las Vegas. This cinematic, immersive attraction offers guests a riveting experience to enjoy, along with the Illuminarium After Dark adult nightlife escape. Space: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond Take a dazzling journey through the universe unlike anything on this planet. Fly through a technicolor nebula, kick up moon dust, and weave through asteroids as you soar by planets of an extraordinary scale. Wild: A Safari Experience Travel to the wilds of South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, where you’ll come face-to-face with exotic animals in their natural habitat. Bask in the glow of a savannah sunset, gaze at a starlit Kenyan sky, and enjoy a range of stunning, majestic landscapes. Illuminarium After Dark:  When the sun sets, Illuminarium becomes a fantastic adults-only nightlife destination. Featuring a full bar with plenty of specialty cocktails and small plates, you’ll enjoy one of the above-featured experiences in addition to the night markets of Tokyo, the stunning floral gardens of France, and mysterious crystal-filled caverns. This admission ticket includes one signature cocktail. Experience Schedule:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: SPACE 11am – 4pm WILD 5pm – 11pm Wednesday: SPACE 5pm – 11pm WILD 11am – 4pm Friday & Saturday: SPACE 11am – 7pm SPACE AFTER DARK 8pm – 11pm Sunday: SPACE 5pm – 11pm WILD 11am – 4pm

FlyOver Las Vegas

Located next to the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip, FlyOver allows guests to dip, soar, and coast through the skies above the world’s most beautiful destinations. Using state-of-the-art technology, this new attraction created a full immersive experience using special effects like mist, wind, scents, and motion to make the ride feel as authentic as possible. With two seperate adventures to choose from you’ll be mesmerized by all you can explore with FlyOver Las Vegas.  WONDERS OF THE AMERICAN WEST Experience the West at its wildest. Glide over vast prairies and towering peaks. Dip into valleys where untamed rivers rush, and buzz through electric urban spaces pulsing with energy. Wild locations include: Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Lake Tahoe, Mojave Desert, Las Vegas Strip and many more. ICELAND Adventure to the land of fire and ice. Hang on to your seat and be swept away to explore volcanoes, glaciers, history and legends as you soar across pristine Iceland. Legendary locations include: Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, Mountains of Hörgársveit, Island of Elliðaey, Aldeyjarfoss Waterfalls, City of Reykjavík and more. WINDBORNE Call of the Canadian Rockies Featuring epic footage captured in the most remote areas of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the multi-sensory experience treats guests to a spectacular journey through snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes and picturesque valleys. Mount Somervell, Maligne Lake, Curtain Call and Shackleton Glacier are just a few of the locations featured in Windborne.

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart

Omega Mart brings you all of the totally not weird grocery store items you can expect from your absolutely regular singular dimension. For all of your family’s free-range, organic, mind-bending nutrients, visit your galactically local Omega Mart today! As a bonus, Omega Mart is now officially a Certified Autism Center™ so that it can be accessible fun for all! Okay, so Omega Mart is obviously not your usual neighborhood supermarket, which begs the question, what is Omega Mart?  The newest permanent addition to the Meow Wolf family, Omega Mart is a 52,000-square-foot interactive art installation that features work created by a wide range of local and international artists that you can find hidden around every unexpected corner and through every interdimensional portal. The overall theme may center around the classic grocery shopping experience, but that’s just the facade that draws you into this surrealist, immersive storytelling adventure. Glitchy, 80’s sci-fi horror characteristics perfectly and strangely mix with the campy, saturated colors of bubblegum pop to create a reality where time and space are rendered obsolete.  This Neon Dystopia filled with optical illusions, freezer portals, and tattooed chicken is suitable for all ages, though some spots may be considered a little overwhelming for younger visitors or those with sensory sensitivity. Omega Mart also includes a bar that serves plenty of drinks, snacks, and alcohol, but you can find even more food and beverage options within Area 15.  Book your tickets to Omega Mart and enter a trippy universe of unpredictability that’ll be way more fun than your usual weekly grocery run.  Please keep in mind these prohibited items. For the safety of our staff, guests and to keep the exhibit clean, the following items are not allowed in the building. Weapons of any kind including firearms, pocket knives, pepper spray, large chains, spiked jewelry, etc. Outside food, beverages, or alcohol Gum Flasks and containers Vape pens or electric cigarettes Cigarettes, cigars, or pipes Illegal drugs, Marijuana / Cannabis Markers stickers or spray paint Strollers Backpacks, purses, and bags larger than 8” x 8” Skateboards or Heelys shoes Cameras with removable lenses or professional recording equipment Laptop computers or tablets GoPros and other professional-grade photography equipment. Umbrellas Selfie Sticks Any live animal that is not a service animal (Nevada State Statute: NRS 426.097) Costumes with masks that obscure your entire face Any item that challenges public safety per our Security Manager. Guests are subject to search upon entry. No vaping or smoking allowed inside the building or exhibit.

Drifting Ride Along Experience

Exotics Racing has a whole new ride-along experience, and it’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Hop into the passenger seat of a tricked-out Dodge SRT Hellcat while a professional driver takes you on a ride filled with burning rubber and high-speed drifting fun. If you’ve never heard of drifting before, it’s basically skidding sideways in smoke-filled, tire-screeching style. If you want to see it in action to start getting pumped up for your ride, the Fast & Furious franchise is the perfect place to start. Just try not to get so excited that you try pulling a few donuts in your minivan and leave the drifting to the professionals. 

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

Ready to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen? Want to learn more about District 12? The Hunger Games: The Exhibit inside MGM Grand Las Vegas is your ticket to all things Panem. If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games (and with more than $3 billion grossed at the box office, literally who isn’t?!), you’re going to absolutely LOVE The Hunger Games: The Exhibit inside MGM Grand. But this isn’t like a regular exhibition, this is a cool exhibition. We’re talking a costume gallery that features nearly 30 original outfits worn by the cast, including the jaw-dropping “Girl on Fire” dress, a recreation of President Snow’s Office, the Tribute Train and interactive features out the wazoo. And you already know it wouldn’t be a Hunger Games exhibit without a real-life archery-training experience set within a 60-foot-wide training lab! And all of this is only the tip of the arrow (see what we did there?). To really immerse yourself in The Hunger Games world, you’re going to have to purchase your cheap tickets for The Hunger Games: The Exhibit inside MGM Grand Las Vegas today.

The STRAT Tower and Thrill Rides

Since its opening in 1996, the 1,149-foot-tall STRAT Tower has captured the attention of celebrities and tourists alike with its rock star view. With a 360-view of the city, the STRAT’s Tower outdoor observation deck is the tallest of its kind in the country. The Tower observation deck is so high up that you can see helicopters at eye level. But even riding in one of the helicopters can’t compare to the thrill of The STRAT rides, which overlook the Strip from the top of the tower. While Las Vegas is the ultimate party destination, there are quite a few people who visit exclusively for the thrill rides. The STRAT offers out-of-this-world rides sure to get you screaming, including the Big Shot, X-Scream and the controlled free-fall SkyJump. If these rides are too intense, there’s no need to miss out on all the fun. Visitors can get some liquid courage at 108 Drinks or watch their adventurous friends on the rides from the indoor deck. One of the best times to come out to the Tower observation deck is near sunset. Guests can admire the rainbow of colors in the sky followed by the lights illuminating the city just minutes after. For a romantic evening with a view, guests can also wine and dine at the Top of the World restaurant. This restaurant features a moving floor which takes a complete hour to rotate a full 360 degrees. 

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Look no further than Vegas Indoor Skydiving, where you can experience the thrill of free falling without the fear of jumping out of a plane. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a brief training class before being fitted into your flight gear. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes because things are about to get heated! You’ll be soaring up, up, and away inside a padded room with a fan that generates winds up to 120 miles per hour. As soon as the propeller kicks into gear, you’ll feel weightless as you float high above the netted floor. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone – a professional flight instructor will be there to guide you every step of the way. With two full minutes of tunnel time, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your aerial moves and soak up the adrenaline rush. And the best part? The entire experience takes just one hour, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy everything else Las Vegas has to offer. Don’t forget to capture the memories – your pictures will be available for purchase and sent straight to your email so you can share your epic adventure with all your friends and family. So come fly with us at Vegas Indoor Skydiving and cross this once-in-a-lifetime experience off your bucket list!

Grand Canyon Voyager Rim to River

Explore the wonder and majesty of the Grand Canyon from all angles with the Grand Canyon Voyager Tour. Your day begins with a 45-minute Airplane flight where you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River before arriving at the Grand Canyon West Rim. From there, a helicopter will safely lower you 4,000-feet to the canyon floor. A pontoon boat cruise will be waiting to whisk you up the Colorado River and farther into the canyon for a close-up perspective of the ancient stones. Once you’re back at the top, you’re free to explore the West Rim for hours, with a shuttle available to take you to their two popular viewpoints, Eagle Point and Guano Point. The Grand Canyon West Rim also features a Native American village, live performances, handcrafted artwork for purchase, and multiple restaurants to enjoy. Now that your feet are tired from hiking the trails and your camera roll is full of stunning photos, you’ll fly back to Sin City for some well-deserved rest. 

Segway Historic Downtown Tour

Explore the entirety of Glitter Gulch without taking a single step on the Segway Historic Downtown Tour. After a quick tutorial on how to ride a Segway, you’re tour guide will give you plenty of fun facts about the original Las Vegas Strip on this two hour tour.  You’ll get a history lesson on Sin City’s origins and hear a few mob stories from the early days.  Your notable stops include the first Las Vegas Casino, the Pawn Stars shop from the famous History Channel show, the Healing Garden, a Vegas wedding chapel, and the stunning murals that make Las Vegas even more beautiful.   

Segway Foodie Tour

We can’t think of anything better than cruising around Downtown Las Vegas on a Segway while sampling some of the best hidden culinary gems in the city!  The Segway Foodie Tour is a three-hour tastebud extravaganza where you’ll indulge in delicious beverages and sample a variety of dishes in a fun, collaborative way so that everyone gets to taste a bit of everything. Their fun and knowledgeable guides provide entertaining facts and stories about the individual restaurants and Las Vegas history. The restaurant partners rotate every few months, so this tour will bring something new to the table every time you visit!

Segway City Lights Evening Tour

The glittering neon lights of Las Vegas await you on this nighttime segway tour of Downtown Las Vegas. You’ll glide underneath the massive, LED canopy of Fremont Street, learn about the historic neon-lit hotels, and travel to Container Park, where you’ll check out its fire-breathing grasshopper, multiple shops, and giant playground. Your expert guide will ensure that everyone is comfortable on the segway before hitting the pavement, so training times may vary to accommodate everyone’s skill levels.

Strip Highlights Night Flight with Transfers

Climb aboard for this extraordinary “over the top” helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip. It won’t be long before you see the Las Vegas Strip from a perspective you just can’t get on the ground — the glitz, glamour, the neon, architectural marvels, the Mirage volcano, the dancing Bellagio fountains, the Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Las Vegas, the Statue of Liberty at New York-New York and more. Your helicopter will circle around the summit of The Strat Hotel, the tallest observation tower in the United States, before taking another pass over the Las Vegas Strip and heading back to the helicopter terminal. Special Note: For each guest weighing more than 300 pounds, an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft. Tour company will charge a reduced rate for the adjacent seat at the time of check in.   

Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine Tour

Gear up to be immersed in a true wild west experience at one of Nevada’s richest gold mines. There are tales of gold fever and claim jumping, disastrous floods, fortunes won and lost, wild politics and more. Hear true stories of the men who blasted their way underground in search of buried treasure. You’ll learn from a local expert about gold mining in southern Nevada at the Techatticup gold mine, which operated from 1861 until 1942. While you’re there, explore a private collection of old cars, memorabilia, and souvenirs from movie sets filmed in the area. Restrooms and a gift shop are available. Your certified Pink Jeep Tours guide will give you the colorful history of this remote and once-thriving mine, and point out unique features of the desert landscape. Check out an abundance of desert plants like the Teddy Bear Cholla. They look soft enough to hug, but these teddy bears will hug you right back, in a prickly way you won’t soon forget! A short drive from the mine reveals interesting geological formations and ends at an overlook above a beautiful stretch of the Colorado River at Nelson’s Landing. Cameras ready for a terrific photo op! For 40 years of the mine’s history, coming up the river on a steamboat to this spot was the main way to reach the mine. Go back in time on the Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine tour.

Vegas Views

Las Vegas lights up at night, and there’s no better way to see the neon on the Strip and downtown than from the air.  Arrive at our terminal 30 minutes prior to departure time. Includes a complete breathtaking flight over the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Glitter Gulch. We ask all guests to limit personal belongings and bags coming into the terminal and on flights.  For each guest weighing more than 300 pounds, an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft. 

West Rim and Hoover Dam Combo Tour

See two of the most amazing sights in the world on one tour — the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Start out by driving through the scenic Mojave Desert, dotted with Joshua trees, visit the community of Dolan Springs and then head to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The West Rim displays the Grand Canyon’s natural beauty with no crowds, no guardrails and stunning views as far as the eye can see. You will have a guide on the tour who will teach you about the history, culture, geology and flora of the Grand Canyon. Your transportation on the tour is a 10-passenger Tour Trekker, a vehicle that is ideal for sightseeing and off-road adventures. This tour also includes a stop at Hoover Dam, which includes photo opportunities of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. You’ll also take a leisurely drive through historic Boulder City. Lunch is included on the tour. At the discretion of the Hualapai Tribe, Grand Canyon West’s Shuttle may be used within the site to navigate from point to point.

Western Journey

Guests who may not feel well or have symptoms of Covid-19 to contact Maverick prior to your flight. All guests will be screened for a mandatory temperature check prior to entrance into the flight terminal. Guests with a temperature above 100.4 will have a secondary screening and may be refused service based on health factors. All guests are required to wear face protection. We ask all guests to limit personal belongings and bags coming into the terminal and on flights. Begin your helicopter tour with a scenic flight over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill and Temple Rock. Fly through the majestic Grand Canyon as you head toward your primary destination – the Grand Canyon’s stunning West Rim. Upon landing, you’ll have about three and a half hours to take in the various overlooks and highlights of the West Rim. During this ground time, you may explore the following: Eagle Point Skywalk: A true engineering feat, this glass walking surface suspends more than 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon and extends more than 70 feet from the edge. Native American Village: Experience a walking tour of an authentic Native American dwelling. Amphitheater: See live Native American performances throughout the day from multiple tribes. Guano Point (“Highpoint Hike”): Guano Point offers breathtaking panoramic canyon views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Historic Tram: See remnants of a tram that once stretched 8,800 feet across the canyon to a Guano mine discovered in the 1930s. Hualapai Ranch Horseback Riding: Several horseback riding options are available, including a 30-minute trail ride that takes you to the canyon rim or an arena ride. Western Hospitality: Enjoy cowboy entertainment, wagon rides, roping demonstrations and more. Note: The Skywalk tour, horseback riding and some of these attractions require an additional fee, which are not included in your tour. For each guest weighing more than 300 pounds, an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft. 

Neon & Nature

The Neon & Nature helicopter tour knows what it means to create unforgettable memories, which is why they strived for soaring perfection by combining beautiful Red Rock Canyon and the famous Las Vegas Strip into one awe-inspiring sky tour.  After being picked up from your hotel by limousine, you’ll begin your tour by taking a flight above the brightly colored cliffs of Red Rock Canyon. Here you’ll take in the breathtaking views of the jewel of the Mojave Desert while you marvel at the uniquely striped sandstone below.  From there, your pilot will whisk you away to a private vista that overlooks the famous Las Vegas Strip. You’ll then enjoy a 30-minute champagne toast where you can relax and admire the impressive vistas below. Once your champagne glass is empty, you’ll hop back into your helicopter for a final flight over the Strip before you settle back down to Earth.    Neon & Nature provides the perfect combination of natural wonder and Sin City spectacle that makes them one of the best helicopter tours in the valley, so book your flight today.  

Marvel Avengers STATION Interactive Exhibit

Put down that comic book because you’re being summoned into the world of the greatest defenders our planet has ever seen, the Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is the Strip’s newest superhero attraction that is about to make all your fantasy/Sci-Fi dreams come true. Marvel fans, one ticket gets you up-close-and-personal with Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor. And you don’t even have to go to Asgard to do it, just a little ole place called Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is not your average exhibition, good people of the planet earth. The Avengers attraction in Las Vegas actually encourages you to get hands on with the team’s most prized possessions and artifacts, giving you plenty of photo ops and insight on the Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. You’ll have the security clearance to look inside intelligence files and classified documents, learning the real truth behind the scientific training and experiments that were conducted. Explore Bruce Banner’s lab, see Captain America’s uniform and shield and get a closer look at the shape-shifting aliens from the Battle of New York, the Chitauri. See if you can pick up Thor’s hammer and prove you’re a hero, not a villain.  After stepping into the immersive world of Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll have a hard time coming back to reality. They’ve even got a cool retail store so visitors or ahem – agents – can take home collectibles like t-shirts, their own Hulkbuster and more. Delve into the Marvel Cinematic Universe inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. So don’t just sit there, buy tickets now.

SkyJump Las Vegas

What do the Las Vegas Strip and skydiving have in common?  For one, both can be adventurous, daring and downright crazy. Can you imagine if these two were combined? That’s where The Strat comes in.  Similar to skydiving, SkyJump Las Vegas can be described as a “controlled free fall,” with riders attached to a vertical zip line. Brave souls dive from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere tower to a landing mat on the ground. During this ride, you’ll soar through the air. The breeze you feel while descending down to the ground is like no other.  Before the jump, you’ll be given a short safety lesson and fitted into a jumpsuit. Next, you’ll be connected to a patented “descender machine.” One of the guides will lead you to the edge of a small platform. Here is where you’ll leap out and plunge down to the ground.  Believe it or not, you don’t really experience that queasiness in your stomach that you instantly get from a steep roller coaster drop. Sure, you might feel the butterflies before your leap (especially when you have to scoot your toes off the platform’s edge), but once you take that step, it’s smooth sailing.  If you’re still feeling apprehensive, this might bring you peace of mind — guide wires will keep you from straying off course. In addition, right before reaching the ground the machine slows down, giving you more than enough time to prepare for a safe landing. The landing process is actually easier than getting off a ski lift. Once you land, you’ll feel such a rush — you’ll want to run up and do it again. Bonus: If you’re able to keep your eyes open during the thrill ride, you’ll catch a remarkable view of the Las Vegas Strip. Still too scared to go? Watching your friends take the plunge can be just as fun. Well…not really. Nothing can compare to actually taking the leap, so this is something everyone should experience. Besides, how many people can say they jumped from one of the tallest towers in the country? Put your scaredy-cat feelings aside and just do it. 

Machine Guns Vegas

Whether you’re a fan of classic movies with killer gun scenes like “Rambo” or “Scarface” or into video games like “Call of Duty” or “Gears of War,” get ready to kick it up a notch at Machine Guns Vegas. Located just a few minutes off the Las Vegas Strip, Machine Guns Vegas makes you feel like you’re an action hero. With a wide selection of firearms from AK-47s and MAC 10s to Glock 17s and M60s, you’ll shoot up a storm and get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. If this is your first time shooting, no need to fear: The safety range officers at Machine Guns Vegas all served in the military, so you’ll be confident in knowing they’re standing behind you the entire time. And unlike most gun ranges where you have to wait in line, Machine Guns Vegas offers an ultra-lounge feel with seating, dim lights, music and a comfortable atmosphere. The minute you walk in, a host will take you to a table to be seated. Here you’ll get a chance to look at the different guns available, as well as a selection of shooting targets. Choose from a variety of target posters like Osama Bin Laden, zombies and hostage situations as well as the standard qualification target. After your experience, you’ll even get to take your poster home and show your friends how well you did. When it’s your turn, you’ll sign a waiver and put on your hearing protection and goggles. Your range officer will follow you into the 10-lane firing range. We must warn you – – the shots from the other guns are startling! Once you’re situated in your lane with your gun, the safety range officer will show you the proper way to hold the firearm, as well as help with your stance. Finally, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for — get ready, aim and shoot like crazy! Coming with a group of friends? Machine Guns Vegas offers a sleek and sophisticated VIP lounge, complete with two private shooting lanes. Before or after your round, you can kick back, relax and watch TV. If you want to leave with a souvenir from your stay, Machine Guns Vegas sells merchandise including T-shirts.

Red Rock Electric Scooter Tour

Only 20 minutes away from the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip is the vast landscape of the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, and with the Red Rock Electric Scooter Tour, you’ll be able to zip around the iconic Scenic Loop for an afternoon of enjoying Mother Nature. This tour begins with a morning pick-up at your hotel that will whisk you away to the opening of the Conservation Area. Your small group will have a bit of time to explore the visitor’s center before heading to the parking lot for some training on the scooters with your expert guide. Once you’re confident in your riding skills, your adventure will begin! Zip around through 8 miles of the iconic Scenic Loop, stopping along the way to stretch your legs, snap a few pictures, and learn about the history of the canyon from your tour guide.  Your final gorgeous destination is at the highest elevation on the loop, where you’ll take in the breathtaking views of the Red Rock Valley laid below. You can also snag a picture at the famous ‘kissing rock.’  This expansive Conservation Area is a must-see for any Vegas visitor, and this tour is the perfect way to experience all of its most stunning views. So book your tour today!  Things to Know: The Red Rock Electric Scooter Tour has a 300 lb weight limit for guests. Riders must be be a minimum age of 18 and a maximum age of 60 unless they can prove that they have the strength and ability to ride the scooters with no issue above the maximum age. All rider’s must have a valid driver’s license. Red Rock Canyon is a Conservation Area, and for the protection of the delicate environment, this tour will stay on the paved loop. This tour requires medium level of physical ability (even though its 3 wheels it still balances like a bike/scooter). Riding scooters requires a level of strength, confidence, and agility.   

Big Bus Night Tours

Get ready to be dazzled by the stunning neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip and downtown from a London-style double decker bus. During your open-air night ride, you’ll hear all about Las Vegas resorts and exciting insider stories from your informative tour guide.  Panoramic Night Tour As dusk falls, the city comes to life illuminated by neon lights. Dancing fountains and erupting volcanoes entertain you as you travel down the Strip. The tour rolls past casinos, wedding chapels, and historic landmarks into the heart of downtown Las Vegas. You’re free to immerse yourself in the best that downtown has to offer, including live entertainment, street artists, vendors, neon signs, costumed entertainers, and of course the world-famous Fremont Street lights. Check-in for the night tour is between 6:15 pm – 6:30 pm at Stop #2, the High Roller / LINQ Promenade tour bus bay. The tour departs at 7:00 pm. Keep in mind that seating in the open top of the bus is on a first-come, first-served basis, so you may want to get in line early if that’s the Big Bus Tour experience you are looking for. Stop #2, the High Roller / LINQ Promenade tour bus bay, can be found between the High Roller (that enormous ferris wheel in the Linq Promenade) and the Tesla charging station. Look for a red and yellow “Big Bus Tours” sign. The night portion of the tour begins on the Las Vegas Strip and continues downtown to Fremont Street where you can disembark the bus and enjoy an hour of free time before the Big Bus departs back to the Linq Promenade Big Bus stop. It’s worth mentioning that during The Strip part of the tour, there are no hop on and offs allowed, for safety reasons. Duration: 2.5-3 hours Adults Only Night Tour Indulge in an after-hours experience in Sin City on this everyday evening tour with a behind-the-scenes, 21+ look at all your favorite landmarks. Starting at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Strip, you’ll enjoy a welcome beverage while you wait for your double-decker Big Bus tour to begin. Once you’ve hit the road, your tour guide will share a wide variety of risqué facts and stories along with raunchy jokes about each of your many stops. The Adults-Only Night Tour departs at 8:00 pm. On the day of your tour, present your ticket voucher or booking confirmation email to Big Bus Tours staff at the Hard Rock Cafe located at 3771 Las Vegas Blvd S #120, no later than 7:15 pm. You’ll receive your welcome drink, and then make your way to the Big Bus at MGM Grand, arriving by 7:50 pm at the latest. The tour concludes at approximately 10:15 pm. All passengers must show government-issued ID at the time of tour pick-up. Must be 21 years of age or older. Duration: 2-2.5 hours

King of Canyons Landing Tour

You will feel like a king as you enjoy a Champagne toast at the bottom of the Grand Canyon as well as the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip on this unique helicopter adventure. The experience begins with a luxury shuttle ride from your Las Vegas hotel to a helicopter terminal near the Las Vegas Strip. From your plush helicopter seat you will take in unparalleled views of both natural and manmade wonders such Hoover Dam, the Black Mountains, the Grand Wash Cliffs and the Grand Canyon. Soon your helicopter will begin its 4,000-foot descent to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, touching down near the banks of the Colorado River on Native American tribal lands. There you will enjoy a light picnic meal and a glass of Champagne served under a Native American ramada. You’ll then have some time to walk about and explore before departing the Grand Canyon and heading back to Las Vegas via the Las Vegas Strip. Upon landing, you will return by luxury shuttle to your hotel.  

Indian Territory

Guests who may not feel well or have symptoms of Covid-19 to contact Maverick prior to your flight. All guests will be screened for a mandatory temperature check prior to entrance into the flight terminal. Guests with a temperature above 100.4 will have a secondary screening and may be refused service based on health factors. All guests are required to wear face protection. We ask all guests to limit personal belongings and bags coming into the terminal and on flights. The scenic sights southern Nevada, the Grand Canyon and more are yours with the Indian Territory tour.  Experience an exhilarating and educational helicopter flight over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, extinct volcano Fortification Hill and many other breathtaking locations. Upon arrival at the Grand Canyon you’ll first descend at a private landing area on Hualapai Indian Territory along the Colorado River where you’ll enjoy champagne, beverages and a snack. After that, it’s fins up as you’re headed to the canyon’s beautiful west rim. Land and hop on a shuttle bus where you’ll have access to Eagle Point, Guano Point and the airport. Return from the Grand Canyon by helicopter and view the Bowl of Fire, an area of red rock formations, and conclude your adventure with an exciting flight over famous downtown, the Fremont Street Experience and past the megaresorts on the Las Vegas Strip. For each guest weighing more than 300 pounds, an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft. 


The Silverton isn’t located on the Las Vegas Strip, so it’s no wonder this quirky place has a distinctly un-Strip-like attitude. First of all, let us explain where it is. The Silverton is located just west of Las Vegas Boulevard, off the I-15 at Blue Diamond Road. That’s about five miles south (a 10-minute drive) of the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. The Silverton offers free shuttle service to and from McCarran International Airport. Anyway…getting back to the Silverton’s attitude…maybe we should expand upon “un-Strip-like” because it also has a very “un-desert-like” outlook. This hotel was designed to resemble a mountain lodge (minus the mountain). And, except for the casino and the huge aquarium with mermaids (hence why we called it “quirky” above), it does a good of job of capturing a peaceful, rustic feeling. You’ll get a down-home welcome when you arrive, and the décor — lots of stone and wood detail work — evokes a warm, outdoorsy feeling. For this reason, the Silverton seems to attract a more rugged, independent-minded group of visitors who embrace going off-the-beaten track in Vegas. And this also explains the hotel’s featured attraction: Bass Pro Shops. The beloved Midwestern chain has a two-story flagship store connected to the Silverton (you can literally walk right into it from the casino). Modeled after an Adirondack hunting lodge, Bass Pro Shops houses everything related to fishing, boating, camping, golf and open-air recreation. You’ll find archery and shooting ranges here. There’s even a waterfall that feeds into a 40,000-gallon aquarium where fishing lessons are conducted. Because you can never have enough aquariums, there’s an impressive one inside the Silverton too. It’s a circular 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. People are always gathered around it, mesmerized by the exotic fish — including leopard sharks, stingrays, parrotfish and triggerfish. At various times on Thursdays through Sundays, you can catch free live shows called “mermaid swims.” (If Ariel is your favorite Disney princess, then you’re in for a treat!) Although there are plenty of benches, chairs and nooks around the aquarium (in addition to the Mermaid Cove Art Gallery, where you can purchase paintings of mermaids by Wil Comier), the nearby Mermaid Restaurant & Lounge boasts elevated seating with a great view. When you get hungry, the Silverton is home to many other restaurants that have nothing to do with the sea. Sink your teeth into a succulent cut of meat at the Twin Creeks Steakhouse. Dig into Mexican specialties while surrounded by colorful lights at the Mi Casa Grill Cantina. Devour upscale café fare in the Sundance Grill, which also has a yummy gelato stand.  If you’re more interested in drinking than eating, there are a few nice bars at the Silverton. Our favorite is the Shady Grove Lounge because it has a vintage 1950s Airstream trailer with two mini bowling alleys inside. The Flare Bar, near the parking garage, offers a more contemporary vibe highlighted by 260 color-changing light fixtures. During the summer the Sway Pool & Lounge is a pleasurable place to soak up the sun. Specialty cocktails (like the Silverton Punch) are served at the small yet stylish dipping pool, which is surrounded by cabanas, daybeds and a hot tub. So even though the Silverton is un-Strip-like, it’s perfect if you’re looking for an affordable, laid-back Vegas vacation. You won’t be far from the action, but you will be far enough away to enjoy a more secluded stay…in a curious lodge-meets-casino-meets-mermaids world.

Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa

It’s likely you’ve heard of the “Westin” brand before. When you stay at one of their hotels, you expect good service, a comfy bed (so comfy, it’s got a divine name: the “Westin Heavenly Bed”) and a squeaky clean room (OK, we’re exaggerating here…your room won’t squeak, but it still should be in very good condition). That’s the nice thing about certain brands — you can be confident they’ll maintain certain standards. So picture a typical Westin hotel. But now imagine that it’s located a mere two blocks from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Ta da…jazz hands…and any other form of exclamation you can think of: You’ve got The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa. Situated on Flamingo Road, near Las Vegas Boulevard (which, by the way, is one of the busiest intersections in the city), you’re practically a hop, skip and a jump from several major megaresorts — like Bellagio, Horseshoe Las Vegas, Caesars Palace and The Cromwell. You’re also almost next door to The LINQ Promenade (you might even catch a glimpse of its signature attraction, the High Roller observation wheel, from your window). In addition, if you stay at The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa, you can look forward to a combination of relaxation and laid-back fun. The relaxation comes from the Hibiscus Spa, which has a sauna and steam room (you are allowed to use these as part of the resort fee). This spa is a great place for head-to-toe pampering. Enjoy a variety of massages, body treatments, facials and salon services — like the Tranquil Escape Detoxifying Mud Mask, which you may need to help you recover after a wild night on the town. You’ll find the hotel’s outdoor heated pool just a few steps from the spa. Four private cabanas and plenty of deck chairs surround it. What better place to while away an afternoon? Alternatively, if you want to keep up your exercise schedule, you can do so in the fitness studio. Burn off calories on an array of treadmills, stationery bikes and elliptical machines. After your workout, or really any time you feel a hunger pang, head to Savona. Open 24 hours, this restaurant features American-style cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, there are daily specials, a kids’ menu, late-night eats and a variety of desserts. Coffee, pastries and sandwiches are also available around the clock at Starbucks, which is located next to the hotel’s gift shop. Unlike a typical Las Vegas hotel, the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is non-gaming.  The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is also known for catering to business travelers. There’s an excellent business center here as well as plenty of space for meetings, conventions or special events. A quiet retreat with proximity to one of the most exhilarating streets in the world (and all of its wonderful attractions), The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa not only has the rep, but much more.

OYO Hotel & Casino

OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, just east of the Strip, is a relaxed spot on the Strip where you can soak up some sun or enjoy the game.  The vibe: Chill and relaxed. A great place to catch the game.   What we love: Location, location, location. OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is only a block from one of the busiest intersections on the Strip. It takes mere minutes to walk to several of the city’s must-visit properties. Free parking. Did you hear us correctly? If not, please allow us to say it again: FREE PARKING! Looking to catch a Golden Knights’ game? Park your car, enjoy a bucket of brewski or two and make your way down to T-Mobile Arena.   Insider tips: Free parking. Seriously, what’s not to love about free parking? Here’s a rare find on the Strip: $1 blackjack. You’re welcome. Good to know: Accommodations at OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas start at less than $30. Inexpensively priced, these rooms surprisingly were just renovated not too long ago. Which means they upgraded their amenities to fit in with the 21st century. OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas has a ton of choices when it comes to eating. Snag a burger at the World’s largest Steak ‘n Shake, enjoy gourmet bar food at The Underground Lounge, visit The Porch near the pool for some hummus or fish tacos or hit the Southside Eatery for a quick grab-n-go item.   Reopening date: September 1, 2020

Big Bus Tours

Get ready to cruise the Las Vegas Strip and downtown from atop a London-style double decker bus. During your open-air ride, you’ll hear all about Las Vegas resorts and exciting insider stories from your informative tour guide.  From the heart of The Strip to historic Fremont Street, this hop on-hop off tour will give you the opportunity to see it all. Including 8 different must-see destinations, guests will have the freedom to visit all of them or pick their favorites to explore at their own speed before jumping back on the bus to their next desired landmark.   Pickup times and locations are subject to change based on traffic (which may be heavier or lighter than anticipated).  Hop on at any of our designated locations. Buses pick up every 45 minutes at each of the locations listed below. The last bus tour of the day starts at 4:45pm at MGM. From there, it will pick up or drop off guests at all the remaining nine destinations on its route before making its way back to MGM for the final drop off which concludes the tour. Customers will be responsible for all transportation after the final drop-off at MGM after 4:45 pm. Stop # 1. MGM Grand / Showcase Mall (MGM Grand – 3791 Las Vegas Blvd Ste 1400) – First pick up: 10:00 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 4:45 p.m.  2. LINQ Promenade (High Roller bus loading zone – 3793 Linq LN) – First pick up: 10:10 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 4:10 p.m.  3. Arts & Antique District (SE corner of Main and Colorado) – First pick up: 10:25 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 4:25 p.m.  4. Mob Museum (East of main entrance) – First pick up: 10:00 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 4:35 p.m.  5. The STRAT (by corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Bob Stupak) – First pick up: 10:10 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 4:45 p.m. 6. Resorts World (Resorts World Dr. in front of Conrad Hotel) – First pick up: 10:20 am.; Last full route pick up: 4:55 p.m. 7. Treasure Island (Shuttle Bus Pick-up) – First pick up: 10:30 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 5:05 p.m.  8. Excalibur Hotel (Tour bus rotunda) – First pick up: 10:40 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 5:25 p.m.  9. Welcome to Las Vegas Sign (Harley Davidson parking lot) – First pick up: 10:50 a.m.; Last full route pick up: 5:35 p.m.  Final Full Tour of the day departs MGM Grand / Showcase Mall at 4:45 p.m.

Hampton Inn Las Vegas/North Speedway

Welcome to the Hampton Inn Las Vegas/North Speedway, where old school Vegas meets modern comfort. Plug into the high energy and exhilaration of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas is a diverse destination that is hard to define. Hampton Inn Las Vegas/North Speedway is located in the heart of the North Las Vegas Business Park. You’re minutes away from the world-famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Nellis Air Force Base, and within a quick drive of downtown Las Vegas.

Hampton Inn and Suites Henderson

Located in beautiful Henderson, the Hampton Inn and Suites Las Vegas – Henderson is the perfect hotel to relax in and is only a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. With a full-access business center and a meeting room, the Hampton Inn is perfect for the business traveler. But the leisure traveler is sure to enjoy the amenities of Hampton Inn’s rooms. The hotel is located in close proximity to attractions, shopping malls and a sports arena. There is an outdoor pool on site as well as a fitness center.

Sunset Station

THE VIBE: : The city of Henderson, with its neighborhood charm and city limits on which not even locals can always agree, is home to some of the more likable properties in the Las Vegas Valley. Among them is the refreshing Sunset Station. This resort, which primarily caters to locals, is also an affordable hotel for leisure, family and business travelers. WHAT WE LOVE:: Perhaps the biggest appeal of Sunset Station is its proximity to shopping, outlying attractions and chocolate — yes, chocolate. Ethel M Chocolate Factory is just a short drive up Sunset and is full of everything a chocolate lover could imagine, assuming their imagination is pretty chocolate-centric. Galleria at Sunset mall is just across the street featuring a wide variety of stores from department to demented. Just be careful crossing Sunset Road; it’s full of Las Vegas drivers. And Sunset Station also makes for a good base when exploring Lake Mead and Hoover Dam as it’s further east than most properties and has easy access to the 95 (U.S. Highway 95). GOOD TO KNOW:: If you’re more the stay in the hotel type, Sunset Station makes up for its distance from the Strip with a variety of entertainment options like Club Madrid, a state-of-the-art lounge that seats 500 people, or the beautiful outdoor Sunset Amphitheater. Sunset Station also boasts a 13-screen cinema with an IMAX theater, the stylish Strike Zone Bowling Center with 72 lanes and featuring cosmic bowling at night and the Kingpin Lounge (where you can play pool) and a seasonal outdoor pool with a hot tub and cabanas. For the little ones, Kids Quest provides a safe, professionally supervised facility for children with indoor play areas, interactive games, quiet zones and a variety of activities. Kids Quest gives the adults the opportunity to indulge in some fine dining or drinks. The Sonoma Cellar Steakhouse is known for both its aged, prime cuts of beef and its modern California cuisine. At Pasta Cucina, you can enjoy old-style Italian classics in a spectacular garden setting. For a casual meal at any time of day, there’s the Grand Café. It’s easy to find — just look for the restored Orenstein & Koppel #791 locomotive. Plus, guests can indulge in fresh seafood at the hip Oyster Bar. And if the kids are in tow, try the Feast Buffet or the food court.   The hotel’s artfully designed center bar, called the Gaudi Bar, has a light and airy space with a laid-back vibe. Surrounded by stained glass in interesting curves, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to one of famed architect Antoni Gaudí’s buildings in Spain. There are plenty of other places to sip on cocktails and converse at Sunset Station — including the Martini Bar, Rosalita’s Cantina, the Seville Bar and the Bullfighter’s Bar. INSIDER TIP:: If you’re looking to be in the center of the excitement, the Strip might be a better bet. But if you’re looking for a great hotel that reminds you Las Vegas, or at least Henderson, is a real city with real people, Sunset Station is a welcome example of how interesting the whole city can be.

Santa Fe Station

THE VIBE: : Tucked along Rancho Drive just off the U.S. 95, known locally as Rancho Drive just off the U.S. 95, Santa Fe Station is one of Las Vegas’ neighborhood casinos. It may be about a 25-minute drive from the Strip and downtown, but a stay here also puts you in the vicinity of such breathtaking natural attractions as Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston. WHAT WE LOVE: : If you were hoping to escape the culinary temptations of the Strip, you’re probably out of luck. Santa Fe Station boasts delicious restaurants. Serving top-notch cuts of meat, The Charcoal Room is one of the city’s steakhouses. Cabo Mexican Restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine, while the 24-hour Grand Café prepares breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks imaginable in between. There’s also a buffet with numerous live-action cooking stations.  There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself at Santa Fe Station — and not just the kind that involve staying in your room watching TV. In addition to an outdoor swimming pool with a hot tub, you can see a movie at the 16-screen multiplex, pretend you know how to do that spin move the pros do on one of the 60 lanes in the state-of-the-art bowling center or catch a show in the 510-seat Chrome Showroom. WHAT WE LOVE: : A resort to escape from everyday life (for an affordable price), Santa Fe Station also allows you to experience Vegas’ gaming scene and be close to recreational opportunities at the same time. INSIDER TIP:: Sit back and relax in a plush booth at the 4949 Lounge and if you’re not allowed in because you’re a child, you can still participate in activities of all kinds in the professionally supervised Kids Quest facility.


Located at the west end of the Fremont Street Experience, downtown’s iconic Plaza Las Vegas has been a Sin City staple for more than 40 years. Built in 1971 on land that formerly held the Union Pacific Railroad Station, the Plaza once stood out for being the only hotel in history with an in-house railroad ticket office. But we’ll always remember the Plaza best for the movies its starred in — “Diamonds Are Forever,” “The Stand,” “Casino” and even ” Back to the Future Part II” (Biff’s hotel is a digitally manipulated Plaza). The hotel’s design, entrance with it’s cavalcade of lights and glass-domed restaurant ooze ’70s cool. Before guests even step foot into the hotel’s lobby, their gaze is lured upward by the canopy of lights that illuminate the Plaza’s main entrance. But better than the allure of the sparkling lights is the mouth-watering food that is served directly above. Located in the circular over-hang that overlooks the heart of downtown, Oscar’s Steakhouse – opened by former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman under the Plaza’s iconic glass dome – is the hotel’s fine dining option. Located adjacent to Oscar’s famous bar, the old Vegas ambiance of the restaurant features all of the expected offerings of a traditional steakhouse… plus the company of some of Oscar’s beautiful “broads.” But if you’re not exactly in the mood for steak and signature cocktails, the Plaza is prepared to please with additional and more casual dining options within the hotel. The farm-style Hash House A Go Go serves filling breakfasts as well as hearty all-day fare. Also avail is Pop Up Pizza because we all know that homemade, hand-tossed Italian pies are simply delicious after a few drinks, and for the grab-and-go type, the Plaza’s food court offers Zaba’s Mexican Grill, Cafelatte, McDonald’s and Subway. And when you’re ready to play, the Plaza’s 80,000-square-foot casino is smaller than the nega-casinos of the Las Vegas Strip but it still boasts more than 500 slot and video poker machines along with table games like craps and blackjack. Additionally, the Plaza is home to the William Hill Race & Sports Book, a poker room with automated PokerPro tables and downtown’s only bingo room…. more fun than downtown’s only train-ticket office, right? And while the Plaza has certainly evolved with the times, the iconic property has remained in sync with its history as it has become known for its classic Vegas-style entertainment. Having hosted many acts over the years, today you can catch a variety of performances from stand-up comedy to game shows. Or, if you’d rather tie the knot Vegas style to get your kicks, the Plaza has an on-site wedding chapel. But as far as downtime goes – that is, downtime from playing all day – guests can take advantage of the resort’s rooftop pool and 24-hour fitness center. Other (albeit less fun) amenities at the Plaza include a self-serve business internet kiosk, 22,000-plus square feet of flexible meeting and convention space, complimentary valet service and a self-parking garage. For those looking to immerse themselves in the excitement of downtown Las Vegas while staying and playing in a legendary Las Vegas property, the Plaza hotel has everything you will need for a memorable and exciting Las Vegas vacation.  

Paris Las Vegas

The “City of Light” meets the city of sin at Paris Las Vegas. The centrally-located, Parisian-themed hotel boasts a replica Eiffel Tower, a mock Arc de Triomphe and French restaurants mixed with Las Vegas shows and nightclub. The vibe: Charming, France without the language barrier, faux French architecture What we love: Location, location, location. Paris is centrally located right in the heart of the Strip near Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road, which means it’s really easy to walk to several other tourist attractions and major hotels nearby. Mon Ami Gabi has been a Las Vegas favorite for years and they pioneered the art of outdoor dining on the Strip. The charming French restaurant serves escargots, steak frites, onion soup and offers a nice wine selection, but the real highlight is the outdoor patio overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s one of the best people-watching spots in town and there’s a great view of the Bellagio Fountains across the street. The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most famous landmarks and while Paris Las Vegas’ replica is about half the size of the original, it’s still an impressive attraction. Cross Le Pont Alexandre III, step into the beautiful glass elevator, and ride to the top of the tower, which boasts spectacular views of the Fountains of Bellagio, the Strip and the outlying city.  Temperamental celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has several restaurants around town, but we think his Gordon Ramsay Steak, a London-themed restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, is the best. The signature dish that everyone raves about is the beef Wellington, but if you don’t want anything that extravagant, you can also get Ramsay’s famous fish and chips. Insider tips: Paris and the adjacent Bally’s hotel share a parking garage. The two properties are also connected via a walkway filled with shops so you can easily go back and forth between the two hotels and enjoy the amenities of both. Good to know: Paris Las Vegas really tries to give you an authentic Parisian experience, right down to the cobblestone streets. The uneven flooring that mimics cobblestones throughout the shopping area and parts of the casino can be a bit tricky to walk on – especially if you have your clubbing heels on. What shows and concerts are playing at the Paris? : The Paris Las Vegas has no shows available currently but it has plenty of natural ambiance to enjoy. What is there to do at the Paris?: Catch breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and beyond with a trip to The Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck. What makes the Paris unique?: Standing tall on the Las Vegas skyline is Paris’ signature Eiffel Tower replica and hot air balloon.

New York – New York

A moderately priced and family-friendly hotel on the Strip, New York-New York features the Big Apple’s most iconic symbols plus a roller coaster and plenty of affordable restaurant options. The vibe: Good value, family-friendly, a faux-urban version of New York. What we love: The Village Street Eateries with all their neon sign splendor. Sure, it may be a glorified food court, but they put some serious effort into modeling it after a brownstone-clad neighborhood in Greenwich Village.  Also, you’re a hop, skip and a jump away from The Park, located between the hotel and Park MGM. The Park’s outdoor promenade features restaurants, trees and shade structures and the 40-foot-tall Bliss Dance statue. Catching a concert? The T-Mobile Arena is also a short walk away.  Insider tips: That subway rumbling you feel is actually the Big Apple Coaster barreling above the casino. This can pose a problem if you’re an early-to-bed/early-to-rise kind of person, so make sure to ask for a room that isn’t next to the roller coaster or it could be 12:00 to 11 p.m. before you get some peace and quiet. If you’re a real New Yorker, you won’t even notice the screaming. Good to know: Where do we begin with the parking? While it may seem easily accessible from the freeway, depending on the direction you’re coming from, you may have to go down to the Strip and pass the front of the property before you can even get to the parking garage.  Also, all hotel rooms are non-smoking. If you light up, be prepared to pay a cleaning fee for rooms and a cleaning fee for suites upon checkout. Your best bet is to smoke in designated areas, like the hotel’s casino or bars. 

MGM Grand

If you could stuff all of Vegas under one roof, MGM Grand is big enough to accommodate that. The vibe: Infinitesimally large, diverse offerings to satisfy every type of visitor, show-rific What we love: You don’t have to leave the hotel to experience many of the “bests” of Vegas. MGM Grand is home to some of the world’s top restaurants along with a stable of celebrity chefs. (Anyone heard of Wolfgang Puck, Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse?)  Insider tips: The best way to avoid the long taxi line – which can stretch around the porte cochere on a busy night – is to take the Las Vegas Monorail. Good to know: A reality about staying at MGM Grand is that you’ll do a lot of walking. You could easily rack up several miles on your Fitbit each day just by going from your room to the pool, restaurants and bars. (For those among us who are more lethargic, this may be the one time you request a room near the elevator bank.) Keep in mind every hotel room is non-smoking. Don’t risk it – that’s a pricey cleaning fee at checkout. Save yourself the trouble and smoke in designated areas only. What shows and concerts are playing at MGM Grand?: Shows playing at MGM Grand include Kà, Jabbawockeez, David Copperfield, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club and concerts at MGM Grand Garden Arena. What is there to do at MGM Grand?: Enjoy the interactive Virtual Reality, tee up at TopGolf, or may the odds be ever in your favor in The Hunger Games: The Exhibition What makes MGM Grand unique?: MGM Grand is one of the largest hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with more than 4,997 hotel rooms.

Grand Celebration Picnic Landing

Embark on an unforgettable, narrated helicopter flight to the floor of the Grand Canyon in complete luxury. Your EC-130 helicopter tour includes sights of Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, as well as extinct volcanoes. As your flight nears the Grand Canyon, enjoy spectacular views of the volcanic Black Mountains, Grapevine Mesa and then across the Grand Wash Cliffs.  Upon landing, you’ll have time to walk around, explore ancient Hualapai lands and enjoy a picnic lunch.   Total flight time is approximately one hour, 10 minutes.  For each guest weighing more than 300 pounds, an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft. Tour company will charge a reduced rate for the adjacent seat at the time of check-in.

Treasure Island – TI Hotel & Casino, a Radisson Hotel

Home to “Mystère,” the longest running Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, Treasure Island has shed its “Ahoy, matey!” attitude for a more contemporary outlook while blending a great location with mid-range pricing, shops and restaurants. The vibe: Conveniently placed and more contemporary than seafaring with good, solid rooms.  What we love: Location, location, location. Like the real estate mantra, this is what you get when you stay here – and it’s hard to beat. Treasure Island is the affordable option in a sea of five-star resorts (sitting just across the street are Wynn Las Vegas, Encore, The Venetian and The Palazzo). Treasure Island is also convenient to shopping (well hello there neighbor…Fashion Show mall) and other hot stuff like The Mirage’s erupting volcano. There’s a little bit of country in all of us, so you won’t have to be a country music fan to have a great time at Gilley’s Saloon, Dance Hall & Bar-B-Q. You’ll get your kicks line dancing, listening to live bands or just checking out the gorgeous Gilley Girls in their trademark chaps. After you’ve knocked back a few beers to fortify your courage, hop in the saddle of the mechanical bull.    Insider tips: If you’re coming to Treasure Island by car to see “Mystère,” it’s easiest to self-park because the entrance from the garage leads directly to the box office and theater. Park on level three where there’s a covered walkway that goes right into the resort. Although entering is no sweat, be forewarned because when the show lets out there’s a traffic jam of people in this area. At T.I., a major retail center literally awaits on each corner. Head through the sports book and out to Spring Mountain Road, where the escalator and pedestrian bridge will take you directly to the Fashion Show mall. On the other two corners on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll find the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian | The Palazzo and the Esplanades at Wynn and Encore. Treasure Island is connected to The Mirage by a free tram (a great way to save your legs and some cash). Good to know: If you’re arriving at peak check-in times (usually between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m.), be prepared to wait. Lines are often long at checkout time too. So unless you have an issue or need a receipt, it’s best to check out electronically. Treasure Island isn’t an upscale hotel brand so you won’t find celebrity chefs or high-end boutiques on the premises. But that doesn’t matter because all of those things are within walking distance. What shows and concerts are playing at Treasure Island?: Shows at Treasure Island include: Mystère by Cirque du Soleil and Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s. What is there to do at Treasure Island?: Kids big and small will enjoy the interactive superhero attraction at Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. What makes Treasure Island unique?: The uniquely versitile Señor Frogs second story patio has become a central party hotspot. Oh, and the big pirate ship out front…we don’t have too many in the modern-day desert.

Sams Town

Located in an area dubbed the “Boulder Strip,” Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall is situated about 15 minutes from the Strip on the corner of Flamingo Road and Boulder Highway. If you’re not familiar with Vegas those cross streets probably mean nothing to you, so we’ll just say it’s on the East side of the city, closer to Clark County Wetlands Park and Sam Boyd Stadium than it is to the Las Vegas Strip. This is not the hotel for someone looking to stroll the Strip every night. This is where nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find their zen. Mystic Falls Park, located at the center of the resort, is a 25,000-square-foot atrium filled with trees, flowers, cobblestone paths, brooks and a waterfall. At night, you can catch the free “Sunset Stampede” show boasting lasers, lights, dancing fountains and music recorded by the Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra. For the holidays, the park is transformed into a winter wonderland. Even animated displays of penguins and beavers are set up. It sounds like we’re messing with you on that last part, but you’ll have to stay there during the holidays to see for yourself. Once you’ve had your fill of nature for the day, check out a concert or other entertainment at Sam’s Town Live, or head to Roxy’s Lounge where live bands take the stage nightly. All the latest movies are shown at the 18-screen Century Theatres. Plus, there’s a world-class, 56-lane bowling center that comes complete with its own pro shop, snack bar and video arcade. Basically if you’re tired, it’s raining or you’re that one person in every group who hates what everyone else wants to do, Sam’s Town has plenty of indoor activities to fill your time before bed, while you wait for the weather to clear or while you do everything possible to avoid hanging out with your family. After a long day of indoor/outdoor adventures, either real or imagined, The Angry Butcher is the place for some of the West’s biggest and best steaks. You’ll enjoy filling your belly with chicken, ribs, salmon and loads of fresh vegetables in the restaurant’s lodge-like setting. If big portions are your thing, head over to the Firelight Buffet. Meat eaters will love the open rotisseries and carving stations, and on Friday nights there’s a seafood feast that includes snow crab legs. Clearly the cuisine at this quasi-cowboy casino caters to carnivores, and vegetarians are left to subsist on Sbarro and alliteration; but there’s still Calamity Jane’s Ice Cream Parlor. Everyone loves ice cream, right? Complete with a refreshing outdoor pool, shuttle service to the Strip and downtown Las Vegas, Gatsby’s Salon, an RV park and 30,000 square feet of meeting facilities, Sam’s Town is a western-themed hotel packed with adventure for the young, the young-at-heart and the people who are clearly neither but will never admit it. 

Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel

Renaissance Las Vegas is just moments from the Strip and offers unmatched features. Completely modern, these rooms come with oversized and plush beds along with flat-screen televisions, coffee/tea makers and free WiFi. During your stay, take advantage of the on-site fitness center and business facilities. Feel free to soak up some sun near the outdoor swimming pool or get caught up on chores with the on-site laundry and dry-cleaning services. You’ll also enjoy the award-winning meals being prepared for you inside ENVY Steakhouse. Breakfast, a bar and room service are also available at the property. Swing by Renaissance Las Vegas to learn more information.

Boulder Station

Boulder Station is a one-stop shop. Here you’ll find everything you need under one roof: affordable rooms, gambling, dining, live entertainment, movies and bars. This off-Strip property is about seven miles from McCarran International Airport, near the corner of Boulder Highway and Desert Inn Road. It’s conveniently located near U.S. 95, which offers easy access to other areas of Las Vegas especially downtown. Locals often come here to gamble at the nearly 3,000 slot and video poker machines. There’s also a 300-seat race and sports book and a bingo hall. There’s always something entertaining happening in the 750-seat Railhead, a venue that features live acts ranging from nationally known bands and comedians to local tribute artists. Boulder Station has a bar for just about any scene you might be into. Beer lovers can hit up the Brewers Bar for more than 12 different brews on tap. If premium cigars and top-shelf liquor is your thing, the Havana Cigar Bar & Lounge is for you. Kixx Bar has a little bit of everything – live music on weekends, an extensive martini menu, fine wines, margaritas and $2 beer and shot specials. And sports fans can enjoy happy hour specials and drinks while watching their favorite games at the Sports Bar. Maybe nightlife isn’t your thing but you still want an evening out. Movie fans can catch a flick at the 11-screen Regal Cinemas. Plus, parents who want to some spend some time alone together can drop their children off at Kids Quest — where they’re guaranteed to have a blast in a professionally supervised setting. Everyone likes to eat and Boulder Station has a restaurant to satisfy every craving. Pasta Cucina offers Italian classics. For an elegant steakhouse experience, there’s The Broiler and for a more casual bite to eat, head to the Grand Café, a 24-hour eatery that serves hearty cuisine including skillet breakfasts, refreshing salads and an unbeatable $9.99 prime rib special. If you can’t decide on one type of food, why not go to the Feast Buffet where you can get a huge variety of cuisine?  And if you’re in a hurry you can stop by Slices Pizzeria, Viva Salsa or the food court (Burger King, Winchell’s, Subway and Starbucks).

Planet Hollywood

With a veneer of Hollywood glitz, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is home to multiple headliners and the Miracle Mile Shops as well as a slew of cool restaurants and rockin’ bars. The vibe: Hollywood reborn in Sin City, a dazzling disco-lit world, middle of the road What we love: When you check in, you’ll have to hold back the urge to yell “Party at the disco!” This is because you’ll spot long, glittering chandeliers alongside the escalator as you descend into the lobby. Combined with a giant crystal-laden ball that hangs overhead and the color-changing LED lights behind the front desk, the whole scene feels like something out of the movie “Saturday Night Fever.” There’s nothing like hanging 10 and doing kickflips in a wave machine. The Strip’s first-ever FlowRider Wave-in-a-Box Double at Planet Hollywood is totally rad.  Zappos Theater inhabits a space that has been retrofitted, but remains one of the great concert venues in town. Headlined by a few notable names, it’s got a massive LED wall behind the stage, a sound system with power and a dance floor. So seeing a show here is a sensory overload that’s sure to impress.   Insider tips: Get the largest slice of pizza on the Strip at Pin-Up Pizza. Located along the resort’s Strip-facing façade, each pie made here uses loads of dough and measures 30 inches in diameter. For all you non-mathematical types, that means each slice is 15 inches long and 6 inches wide. If you prefer that your cards be dealt to you by ladies in lingerie (or scantily clad men with bulging biceps), then head to the Pleasure Pit on the casino floor. It has raised stages for go-go dancers as well as 11 tables where you can play a variety of games like blackjack, three-card poker, roulette and Big Six. So the Extra Lounge, located near the hotel’s front entrance, is billed as the spot where the correspondents (yes, that includes hunky Mario Lopez) and crew of the NBC entertainment news TV show “Extra” hang out whenever they’re in town. Yeah, that may have happened in the years before the Great Recession hacked everybody’s business travel budgets. But that’s OK. We still like you Extra Lounge. Good to know: Some of the rooms feel dated — not exactly fit for the A-List, but also not terrible considering the mid-range price and the resort’s right-in-the-middle-of-everything location. Planet Hollywood opened in 2007 (previous to that it was the “new” Aladdin, which was built in 2000). You should expect some wear and tear in carpeting and various fixtures. The base-level rooms at Planet Hollywood don’t come with coffee makers or fridges, but most of them do have 42-inch plasma TVs. If it’s kitchen amenities you desire, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the larger suites. It’s loud in the casino. Very loud. You’ll hear rockin’ music pumping overhead round the clock — which is part of the resort’s party vibe. You’ll often hear us grumble about a hotel because the self-parking garage isn’t located close to the check-in area. Well, at Planet Hollywood getting to the lobby is an epic voyage that not only involves traversing a long distance but going up and down multiple floors. Take it from us, when you arrive head straight to the valet if you’ve brought your own car. Better yet, drop your significant other or travel partners off to check in while you self-park, walk through the Miracle Mile Shops and pick up drinks — by the time you get to them, they’ll probably have reached the front desk and you can all raise a toast to Vegas.

Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa

THE VIBE: : Green Valley Ranch is perfect for people who are coming to Las Vegas but don’t want to be immersed in the city’s round-the-clock vibe. Located in Henderson, this elegant resort provides a retreat far from the typical tourist crowds yet it’s still close to the Las Vegas Strip and in the vicinity of several golf courses, cultural attractions and wonderful shopping opportunities. Prominently positioned on eight lush acres, the resort’s architecture and surrounding elements offer the feeling of a Mediterranean villa. The lobby has an elegant ambiance akin to European manor houses of centuries past. So basically staying at Green Valley Ranch is like traveling around the world. Well…not quite but hey, we like to pretend. GOOD TO KNOW:: For gamblers, Green Valley Ranch is home to a 16-seat live keno lounge, an action-packed race and sports book, more than 55 table games and 2,200 slot and video poker machines in addition to a 22-table poker room and a 400-seat bingo hall. WHY WE LOVE IT:: With sweet dreams in mind, the resort’s rooms and suites are located in an eight-floor tower — far away from the busy casino for that much needed peace and quiet time.  And since we know a thing or two about drinking, we will happily point you to the resort’s Drop Bar – a modern watering (or, er… alcohol-ing?) hole that boasts a chic vibe and doesn’t believe in empty glasses.  But there are other great things to do at Green Valley Ranch when you are not drinking. We like to soak up our booze with incredible food from the hotel’s restaurants or from The District at Green Valley Ranch, located just steps outside of the hotel’s front entrance. Within the resort is the variety of dining options including the finest in gastronomy at Hank’s, a steakhouse known for its impeccable service and high-quality prime cuts of beef. Another favorite among guests is Tides Oyster Bar, where the seafood is fresh and served with New Orleans spirit. For more casual meals, stop by Pizza Rock by Tony Gemignani, the Feast Buffet or the Grand Café, which is open 24 hours or stop by the fast food outlets in the food court. For shoppers, The District at Green Valley Ranch, an outdoor, urban-style retail and dining complex, is just a few steps from the hotel’s front entrance and is certainly fit for any shopper.  But if your shopping agenda is in the major leagues and you’re looking to completely submerge yourself in the motherland of retail (or otherwise known as the Strip’s Fashion Show Mall), the resort provides a complimentary shuttle to guests with service offered to and from Mandalay Bay on the Strip as well as McCarran International Airport. But when the time comes for relaxing, there is no better place to do that than at the resort’s stunning pools. In the property’s spacious backyard, there is one pool and Jacuzzi for all guests to use while other areas like The Pond and The Backyard, which has an incredible sand bottom — are for VIPs and special events. Featuring private cabanas, a poolside café and a Mediterranean-style lounge the upbeat atmosphere is also perfect for outdoor concerts and pool parties during the spring and summer months.   Whoever spread the rumor that off the Strip means out of the fun is full of bologna… or probably booze… because the only thing short in a Vegas vacation at Green Valley Ranch are the waiting lines.    INSIDER TIP:: Year-round pampering can be enjoyed in The Spa at Green Valley Ranch… actually according to us, a visit to the spa is a requirement. Equipped with an indoor lap pool, a steam room and a gym this lavish facility offers a variety of delightful experiences in addition to a menu of massages and body treatments — like the Watermelon Sugar Scrub, an exfoliating treatment that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed.  

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder may be a bit off the beaten path, but the hotel offers affordable rates, bargain dining and all of the gaming you’d find in a major hotel. Arizona Charlie’s Boulder is a small property located about 10 miles from the Strip and McCarran Airport on Boulder Highway on the east side of Las Vegas. It’s ideal for those wanting to stay away from the crowds on the Strip or stopping in Vegas on their way to or from Arizona. This is also one of the few Vegas hotels to still offer an RV park. Despite its smaller size, the casino still has plenty of ways for you to try to win big. Place a bet on your favorite team in the race and sports book and then sit back in one of 16 armchairs to watch the action. There are also table games, slot machines and video poker machines. And get your daubers ready for the 24-hour bingo room. Arizona Charlie’s Boulder serves up a variety of dining options. Stop in the Sourdough Cafe for their famous steak and eggs and for other affordable meals. Pretty much everything on the menu is under $15. For a steakhouse experience head to Yukon Grille where you’ll find fresh seafood, filet mignon, rotisserie duck, rack of lamb and more. The Charlie’s Market Buffet boasts a large dining room and a buffet packed with seafood, pastas, prime rib, salads and desserts. If you’re in a hurry, grab a sandwich and specialty coffee at Charlie’s Cheesesteak Deli. While Arizona Charlie’s doesn’t have any crazy nightclubs there’s the Elbow Creek Bar where you can get a good drink and the Palace Grand Lounge where you can catch live music. The hotel is ideal for people traveling with recreational vehicles. It has an adjacent RV park with more than 200 spaces of all sizes. There’s also a clubhouse with a large TV, a pool table, fitness equipment and laundry facilities.  Arizona Charlie’s also has a swimming pool and hot tub that are open seasonally.

Hampton Inn – Tropicana

Welcome to the Hampton Inn Las Vegas-Tropicana Avenue where you can find the ultimate thrills for all ages. This hotel is right across the street from the Las Vegas Strip, providing easy access to all the city has to offer.  Dive into the action on the Strip and indulge in some shopping at the nearby malls like the Forum Shops and the Fashion Show Mall. The hotel also gives you quick access to the MGM Grand Conference Center and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for those guests who are here for business. Discover a different side of Las Vegas by checking out Lake Mead Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston. For more information about those locations outside of the city, ask the front desk and they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. No matter what you’re here for, the Hampton Inn Tropicana has your back.

Hampton Inn Las Vegas/Summerlin

Settle into the relaxing Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin. You’ll feel miles away from the electricity of the Las Vegas Strip but you’ll still have easy access to the Entertainment Capital of the World. Hampton Inn Las Vegas/Summerlin is located just over 15 miles from McCarran International Airport and 20 minutes from the world-famous entertainment of the Strip. Enjoy quick access to Downtown Summerlin and the Las Vegas Sports Park-both just minutes from the hotel. You’ll get the same 24-hour action as the famous Las Vegas Strip, but in a much calmer area around Texas Station, Rampart or the Suncoast. The hotel in Las Vegas/Summerlin also puts you within reach of numerous golf courses, as well as major shopping malls. Want to explore the great outdoors? Discover the other side of Las Vegas at the Lake Mead Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon or nearby Mount Charleston. Get more tips on the nearby attractions from the team at our Las Vegas/Summerlin hotel.

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