The Neon & Nature helicopter tour knows what it means to create unforgettable memories, which is why they strived for soaring perfection by combining beautiful Red Rock Canyon and the famous Las Vegas Strip into one awe-inspiring sky tour.  After being picked up from your hotel by limousine, you’ll begin your tour by taking a flight above the brightly colored cliffs of Red Rock Canyon. Here you’ll take in the breathtaking views of the jewel of the Mojave Desert while you marvel at the uniquely striped sandstone below.  From there, your pilot will whisk you away to a private vista that overlooks the famous Las Vegas Strip. You’ll then enjoy a 30-minute champagne toast where you can relax and admire the impressive vistas below. Once your champagne glass is empty, you’ll hop back into your helicopter for a final flight over the Strip before you settle back down to Earth.    Neon & Nature provides the perfect combination of natural wonder and Sin City spectacle that makes them one of the best helicopter tours in the valley, so book your flight today.  

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