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The mission of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation is to preserve and foster public accessibility to the history associated with the Nevada Test Site and the nation’s nuclear weapons program. The NTS Historical Foundation promotes and supports cultural, educational, and scientific programming to encourage the development and public exchange of views regarding the Nevada Test Site and its impact on the nation. The major program of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation is the National Atomic Testing Museum. Designated as a private National Museum in December 2012, the National Atomic Testing Museum is charged by Congress to preserve the history of and educate the public about the nation’s nuclear testing program. The Museum also upholds the mission of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation. During this tour, you’ll have a chance to explore a history of nuclear testing, focusing on the United States’ atomic weapons development program. You can learn about the Manhattan Project, which led to the development of the first atomic bomb, and subsequent nuclear testing conducted during the Cold War era. Interactive exhibits provide hands-on learning experiences, so you can participate in simulated atomic explosions, explore the underground testing environments, and engage with interactive displays that explain the science behind nuclear weapons. Product Highlights: ●      Learn about America’s nuclear weapons testing program ●      Experience a national science, history, and educational institution ●      Explore interactive exhibits, including simulated atomic explosions, and more ●      Learn about world events leading up to the establishment of the Nevada Test Site. ●      See a replica of the Control Point where the countdown was conducted before each nuclear detonation. ●      Experience a Ground Zero Theater simulation of an above-ground test. ●      Reflect on the history of atomic testing and its relevance to national security and international stability.



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