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Guerlain Shopping at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

Starting around 1828 GUERLAIN has been investigating, improving and upgrading in the domains of scent, skincare and make-up – – a brand dedicated to the way of life of the lovely. GUERLAIN’s pioneer, Pierre-François-Pascal GUERLAIN, opened the principal store in the core of the French capital, at 42, regret de Rivoli. after 180 years, five ages of perfumers have emulated his example to regulate the inventive approach and make a permanent imprint in the realm of fragrances.

Established in the beginnings of its lord skilled workers and visionaries, GUERLAIN keeps on keeping its state of the art position and to show its savoir-faire and energy in manifestations a mission including trying fashioners, unbelievable manifestations and immortal mastery.



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