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Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart

Omega Mart brings you all of the totally not weird grocery store items you can expect from your absolutely regular singular dimension. For all of your family’s free-range, organic, mind-bending nutrients, visit your galactically local Omega Mart today! As a bonus, Omega Mart is now officially a Certified Autism Center™ so that it can be accessible fun for all! Okay, so Omega Mart is obviously not your usual neighborhood supermarket, which begs the question, what is Omega Mart?  The newest permanent addition to the Meow Wolf family, Omega Mart is a 52,000-square-foot interactive art installation that features work created by a wide range of local and international artists that you can find hidden around every unexpected corner and through every interdimensional portal. The overall theme may center around the classic grocery shopping experience, but that’s just the facade that draws you into this surrealist, immersive storytelling adventure. Glitchy, 80’s sci-fi horror characteristics perfectly and strangely mix with the campy, saturated colors of bubblegum pop to create a reality where time and space are rendered obsolete.  This Neon Dystopia filled with optical illusions, freezer portals, and tattooed chicken is suitable for all ages, though some spots may be considered a little overwhelming for younger visitors or those with sensory sensitivity. Omega Mart also includes a bar that serves plenty of drinks, snacks, and alcohol, but you can find even more food and beverage options within Area 15.  Book your tickets to Omega Mart and enter a trippy universe of unpredictability that’ll be way more fun than your usual weekly grocery run.  Please keep in mind these prohibited items. For the safety of our staff, guests and to keep the exhibit clean, the following items are not allowed in the building. Weapons of any kind including firearms, pocket knives, pepper spray, large chains, spiked jewelry, etc. Outside food, beverages, or alcohol Gum Flasks and containers Vape pens or electric cigarettes Cigarettes, cigars, or pipes Illegal drugs, Marijuana / Cannabis Markers stickers or spray paint Strollers Backpacks, purses, and bags larger than 8” x 8” Skateboards or Heelys shoes Cameras with removable lenses or professional recording equipment Laptop computers or tablets GoPros and other professional-grade photography equipment. Umbrellas Selfie Sticks Any live animal that is not a service animal (Nevada State Statute: NRS 426.097) Costumes with masks that obscure your entire face Any item that challenges public safety per our Security Manager. Guests are subject to search upon entry. No vaping or smoking allowed inside the building or exhibit.



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