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Diva Royale

These queens are here to entertain and bring your favorite celebrities to life on stage! You’ll be singing along to hits from artists like Nicki Minaj, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and so many more!  Get your tickets for this fabulous Las Vegas drag show now!

Atomic Saloon Show

Anything can happen in the wild wild west; welcome to the Atomic Saloon inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort. Saddle up for the rowdiest, raunchiest riot of drop-dead sexy circus, variety, and comedy mayhem this side of the mighty Mississippi! Set inside the real-life Atomic Saloon, Madam Boozy Skunkton and her sensationally talented, outrageously amoral crew throw a nightly boozy-doozy of a show smack in the middle of Sin City’s wildest real-life watering hole!

Sam Hunt

Country sensation Sam Hunt is coming to Resorts World in Las Vegas for a concert series that any cowboy-boot-wearing music-lover won’t forget! In 2016, Hunt earned his first-ever Grammy® nomination for Best New Artist and Best Country Album. He also celebrated his first American Music Award for the all-genre New Artist of the Year title and was nominated for four Billboard Music Awards. His debut album featured the triple-platinum hit Leave The Light On. He’s gained 2.5 billion streams, and his eclectic style has roots in country music with influences in pop, folk, and R&B.  Get tickets to Sam Hunt today!

Potted Potter – All 7 Harry Potter books in 70 minutes

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s been a small, teeny, tiny book series floating around for a few years. Actually, they’ve even turned that book series into a few movies, too. Well, Potted Potter – All 7 Harry Potter Books in 70 Minutes inside Horseshoe Las Vegas is a hilarious attempt to condense the entire series into one showing. This is one challenge you’ll want to see! Obviously, we’re crackin’ jokes over here, because if you haven’t heard of Harry Potter (one of the world’s largest entertainment phenomena’s, BTW), you’ve literally been frozen inside a time capsule for about, oh, 20 BLEEPING YEARS! It’s everywhere! Books, movies, theme parks, t-shirts, bouncy balls, literally EVERYWHERE. Whether you’re new to the series or you’re a Potterhead, you’re going to love Potted Potter. Get ready to laugh your quidditch sticks off as the show’s characters try to recreate all seven books in about seventy minutes. Created by two-time Olivier Award-nominated actors Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, this is a horcrux of comedy with ridiculous props, costumes and even a fire-breathing dragon. You won’t want to miss it. Cheap tickets for Potted Potter at Horseshoe Las Vegas are available now.

The Magic of Jen Kramer

We’re not the only ones who dream of turning a crumbly one-dollar bill into a crisp, new hundy, right? Maybe if we had the magical chops of Jen Kramer we wouldn’t be so broke. Maybe.  Our financial peril aside, Jen Kramer is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the duck’s quack of magic. Don’t believe us? Just take a gander at her 2016 Female Magician of the Year award, her Merlin award or too many to count appearances on shows like “Masters of Illusion” or “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” Oh yeah, she’s totes all that AND a bag of chips! But don’t be fooled by her super sweet accomplishments or her Yale University degree, she’s all about getting audiences involved, crackin’ a few jokes and making some jaws drop.  So get your tickets now, because if she’s all about “audience participation,” we can only assume that there’s going to be a long line of people trying to turn their dollar bills into hundreds.

Little River Band

Betcha you didn’t know some really rad stuff comes from Australia. It’s true. Clear wi-fi, “The Crocodile Hunter” and Vegemite spread all hail from “the land down undah.” Betcha also didn’t know that another great Australian export is coming to jam out in Vegas either: Little River Band.   These dudes are huge. And not just in a “they’re popular back home,” kinda way. Little River Band has sold more than 30 million records and have scored 13 American Top 40 hits. “It’s a Long Way There,” “The Night Owls” and “Lady,” are just a few of their most popular jams. LRB isn’t just riding a wave of past hits either. They’re still droppin’ new music and we’re really diggin’ it.   Sorry for the cheesy Australia jokes, we’ve just been watching that buff kangaroo YouTube video all day.

Raiding the Rock Vault at Hard Rock Cafe

These are NOT basement guitarists and karaoke wannabees who stumbled out of the garage and onto the stage to play half-decent covers. The cast of Raiding the Rock Vault plays the standards like only real rockers can, because they are real rockers. You know how your college roommate could barely squeak out the “oooooh-oh!” in the first half of “Livin’ on a Prayer” and then his voice cracked? There’s absolutely no risk of that at Raiding the Rock Vault. These killer tribute performers belt it out like the professionals they are — with power and guts. While a group of Guitar Gods lead the audience through three decades of hits: Hendrix, Zeppelin, Queen, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Van Halen, and everything in between. And two extremely talented female vocalists round out the performance. These killer performers even played in legendary bands like Heart, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Dio, Survivor, Slaughter, and more! So there’s no doubt that they know exactly what they’re doing: playing the greatest music from the greatest eras in American history, and reminding the fans who grew up to those sounds, that real music never dies. Rock out to Raiding the Rock Vault in Vegas.

Josh Blue

After his unforgettable win on Last Comic Standing, Josh Blue’s mission is to spread laughter and break down stereotypes of people with disabilities.  Josh Blue has guest starred on multiple late-night talk shows, and he was even the first comic to have a stand-up special shown in movie theaters.  He’s had four stand-up specials to date, a CD release that features original music described as ‘Tom Waits meets the muppets,’ and he’s also on the United States Paralympic soccer team.  Josh Blue is not a cerebral palsy comic; he is a comedic genius who happens to have cerebral palsy. 

Falling in Reverse with Ice Nine Kills

Falling in Reverse, led by the charismatic Ronnie Radke, hit the scene in 2008 as a Warped Tour regular. Their growth has skyrocketed into a multi-platinum band with four studio albums, over 50 million monthly streams, and multiple No. 1 Billboard hits under their belt. Ronnie Radke kept the music alive during the 2020 pandemic by streaming on Twitch until the band could reunite and hit the road for their sold-out Live From The Unknown tour.  Falling in Reverse is a powerhouse in the genre, and they’re known as one of the best live alt-rock shows around.  Get your tickets now to see Falling in Reverse with their special guest Ice Nine Kills live at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.


The Pixies are hitting the Encore Theater stage for a night of hits celebrating their eighth studio album Doggerel. This alt-rock band is known for its seamless mix of genres like ballroom rock, pop punk, gruesome folk, and brutal rock.  Their subject matter and sound have a distinct, darkly magical quality. Their 36-year-long career has influenced bands such as Nirvana, Radiohead, and Pearl Jam, making them one of the most iconic bands of the 80s alternative movement.  Get your tickets now to hear their deep bass lines, slurring vocals, and hard-hitting drums live in a live concert experience that is completely unique and utterly visceral. 

David Foster

Sixteen-time Grammy Award-winning artist David Foster is coming to the Encore Las Vegas stage for a two-night engagement of “An Intimate Evening with David Foster: HITMAN Tour.”  This legendary producer, musician, and songwriter has gathered together a group of world-class vocalists like Pia Toscano, Daniel Emmet, and special guest Katherine McPhee. David Foster has created music for icons including Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston, and he is currently composing a Broadway musical about the beloved animated character Betty Boop.  David Foster isn’t just a world-renowned music producer; his passionate piano playing and performance skills are unrivaled. Two of his previous Las Vegas appearances were even filmed for PBS, becoming their highest pledge drive shows of the decade.  Don’t miss this master of music when he returns to Las Vegas at the Encore Theater. 

Neil Diamond The Tribute Starring Rob Garrett

Widely considered Neil Diamond’s most renowned tribute act, Rob Garrett has brought the legendary singer’s music to life on the Las Vegas stage.  Garrett has seen Neil Diamond play live over 16 times, and his spot-on rendition of the retired performer has gotten him multiple featured performances that include the Legends in Concert show in Honolulu, Hawaii, traveled with his “King of Diamonds” tour, and performed his biggest show ever at the M Resort in Las Vegas to a crowd of 1700 people.  His newest resident tribute show inside the Alexis Park Hotel is one you won’t want to miss! 

Carrie Underwood: REFLECTION

There aren’t a lot of artists out there with the star-power that Carrie Underwood has, and with her massive number of awards, platinum albums, and record-breaking sales, this Queen of Country isn’t giving up her crown any time soon.  With her new residency at Resorts World, you’ll be able to experience this legend live in a brand new way.  REFLECTION is the perfect blend of the past, present, and future of Carrie Underwood’s colossal musical collection of hits.  Within the 5,000-seat Resorts World Theatre, fans will be delighted by aerialists, dancers, a full band, a gorgeous range of one-of-a-kind costumes, and Carrie Underwood singing all of your favorite hits live.  This unique venue doesn’t have a bad seat in the house as the biggest stage on The Strip, every guest is within 150-feet of the action. So each visitor has an unobstructed view of the show and a fully immersive audio experience.  Get ready for a new era of Las Vegas residencies with Carrie Underwood: REFLECTION, and get your tickets today!  

David Blaine

The original televised street magician and extreme stunt performer David Blaine is bringing his first-ever Las Vegas residency to the Resorts World Theatre!  David Blaine became a household name when his TV special David Blaine: Street Magic premiered in 1997. The production was said to ‘break new ground’ by Penn & Teller, and it paved the way for other magicians like Michael Carbonaro.  Blaine moved into the extreme stunts as his career moved forward, with his first major televised feat being in 1999 with he was buried alive for seven days inside a plastic box under a 3-ton, water-filled tank.  Other notable stunts include being completely submerged in water for seven days, suspended in a plexiglass box for 44 days with no food, and being encased in a block of ice for over 63 hours. His residency at Resorts World highlights both his artistry of illusions and his limit-pushing stunts for the ultimate live David Blaine experience.

Chase Brown’s Vegas Country

Chase Brown and his perfectly chiseled abs are hitting the Notoriety stage to entertain you every Friday with your favorite country hits from every decade. From his start in South Texas to his Sin City debut in 2011, Chase Brown has finally found the perfect home for his sexy, swinging style. So grab your partner and get out on the dance floor for some high-energy line dancing and fantastic tunes at the Notoriety Theater on the third floor of Neonopolis. Get your tickets today!

Miranda Lambert – Velvet Rodeo

The Queen of Modern Country is taking over Las Vegas with her brand new residency, Velvet Rodeo, at the Bakkt Theater inside Planet Hollywood.  This new show offers guests the chance to experience her massive collection of hits, including her newest album Palomino. Miranda Lambert is the most decorated artist in country music, having earned 37 ACM Awards, 14 CMA Awards, three GRAMMY Awards, the Nashville Symphony Harmony Award, ACM Gene Weed Milestone Award, and ACM Song of the Decade Award. She was also named 2019’s RIAA Artist of the Year and is the youngest artist in history to serve as the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum’s Artist in Residence. Don’t miss the specially created residency Miranda Lambert – Velvet Rodeo at the Bakkt Theater inside Planet Hollywood, and get your tickets today!

Motown Tribute: Iconic Soul

The beloved sounds of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and more are back in Sin City with the fantastic tribute show Iconic Soul.  This musical homage to Motown highlights a range of Vegas legends along with hits by other Soul music superstars like Ray Charles and Sammy Davis Jr.  Don’t miss the ultimate blast from the past with the fabulous new tribute show, Iconic Soul. 

Katy Perry: PLAY

Enter the sassy, quirky world of superstar pop sensation Katy Perry in her Resorts World residency, Katy Perry: PLAY.  Since Katy Perry’s Capitol Records debut in 2008 with One of the Boys, she has racked up a cumulative 65 billion streams alongside worldwide sales of over 57 million adjusted albums and 138 million tracks. Katy is one of only five artists in history to have surpassed 100 million certified units with their digital singles – and the first-ever Capitol Records recording artist to join the elite RIAA 100 Million Certified Songs club. She was the first artist in RIAA history to earn three RIAA Diamond Song Awards – for “Firework,” “Dark Horse” and “Roar.” “California Gurls” (feat. Snoop Dogg) recently brought Katy her fourth Diamond Song Award. This larger-than-life production was designed specifically for this state-of-the-art theater, and with over 5,000 seats within 150-feet of the stage, every guest will be fully immersed in the show.  Filled with bright colors, silly antics, eye-catching costumes, and fabulous vocals from the one-of-a-kind Katy Perry, this new residency is the perfect addition to the Entertainment Capital of the World.  An entertainer, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist, Katy Perry is one superstar that is both a master of performance and a true humanitarian.  Get ready to wake up in Vegas with Katy Perry: PLAY and get your tickets today!

Jack Russell’s Great White

With the name Jack Russell’s Great White you would think we would be going to a show during shark week, but surprise, it’s a rock band that is ready to rock your world. Grab your tickets to Jack Russell’s Great White inside Golden Nugget and take a bite out of life.  This rock band, formerly known as Great White, started in ’87 with hits like “Rock Me,” “Once Bitten Twice Shy” and “House of Broken Love.” But like all great turbulent rock bands, they broke up and Russell struck out on his own. He reemerged as Jack Russell’s Great White in 1996 and released hit after hit like “Sign of the Times,” “She Moves Me” and “My Addiction.” They won a few awards here and there, but it’s their music that keeps us movin’ and a groovin’. They released a new album in 2017 and have been touring ever since. It’s time to get your tickets to Jack Russell’s Great White inside Golden Nugget and rock out once again.   


Get ready to be amazed when immersive wireless lighting technology merges with, music, dance, and plenty of laughs perfect for the whole family. Named the “Best Act in America” by America’s Got Talent, iLuminate has brought their unique, imaginative idea to the Las Vegas stage. The brainchild of dancer and software engineer Miral Kotb, iLuminate has guest starred with artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, and Christina Aguilera and appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Voice,” “The X Factor,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “Good Morning America.”  The show leads audiences through an electrifying performance that takes place in the dark. Masterful choreography pairs with LED light technology to create a unique visual experience where dancers appear and disappear, musical instruments float in the air, and body isolations combine for interesting formations. Each new scene creates a unique “room” that transforms the stage over and over again. iLuminate is one of Vegas’ most fascinating new shows, and as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, you know it’s going to be fantastic. So grab your tickets today, because iLuminate is an experience that’s sure to be the most fun you’ll ever have in the dark.  

Australia’s Thunder From Down Under

Where there’s thunder, there’s usually rain. And so it’s no surprise that at “Australia’s Thunder from Down Under,” it’s always raining men. The internationally acclaimed all-male dance revue makes one promise of the night: to make sure you get exactly what you came for. And the Aussie imports make good on their promises, giving the females a feast of flesh and fantasy the Greek Gods would be proud of. Each performer embodies a different female fantasy and brings it to life on stage whether it’s a sexy man in uniform, a fireman or a milkman (Yep we were thinking about Kelis’ “Milkshake,” but now it has a completely different meaning for us.). Dancers show more than their personalities on stage, leaving little to the imagination and lots of grins on the audiences’ faces as their routines cover the gamut of popular music. The dancers’ Australian accents and the general lack of husbands and boyfriends in the audience (although men are welcome) creates a very liberating atmosphere for female audience members. Ladies, cast those inhibitions aside. Australia’s Thunder from Down Under is a fully interactive experience. These chiseled performers dance on tabletops, make their way through the crowd and even ask some lucky ladies to join them on stage.

Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond has been a Vegas staple for over a decade, but this solo show at Harrah’s is gonna be a version of Donny you’ve never seen before.  Donny’s last stint on the strip was with the hit show Donny and Marie. The show was held inside the Flamingo and ran for an impressive 11 years. The show won multiple awards during its run and became a staple of the Las Vegas Strip.  But Donny Osmond was a musical legend long before he hit the neon city. His musical career has earned him 33 gold records, and he has sold over 100 million records through his six decades in show business.  Donny Osmond has also appeared on Broadway and gave the voice to Disney Mulan’s hit song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”  Don’t miss Donny Osmond’s triumphant return to Sin City and get tickets to his new residency at Harrah’s today!  

Aussie Heat

Remember to breathe. That’s our only advice to you when you take your seats at Las Vegas’ male revue, “Aussie Heat.” Featuring eight classically trained dancers from Australia, this sexy show sets itself apart from all other male revues in Las Vegas with one thing: the music. With a pop-centric soundtrack that carries out the audience’s fantasies to some of the most popular songs of today, let us be the first to tell you that these men know a thing or two about giving the audience what they want. Prominently known in their home country from their appearances on “Australia’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance Australia,” the hip-hop, break and street dancing group puts a brand new spin on seduction. For an evening of “ohs,” “ahhs” and “oh-la-las” be sure to catch these Aussie Heat in action in Las Vegas.

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil

Truth is, there’s a Cirque du Soleil production for just about every personality, mood and interest out there. And “KÀ,” is for the action-loving, adventure-seeking show goers that can appreciate an age-old story of good versus evil.  The entire theater is designed to fit the theme so no matter where your gaze takes you, you’ll be looking at the set. But you’re really gonna love this: the stage is made up of two massive moving platforms that not only float, but turn completely vertical. Did you hear that? That was the sound of our minds being blown. And just wait until you see the suspended fight scenes. Also, while it’s insanely cool, not all the stunts are done in the air. The Wheel of Death, for example (ohmagah can you believe they have a Wheel of Death?), is positioned firmly on the ground while the daredevil performer flings himself into dangerous heights, where one misstep could lead to his demise. A story of intense battle, and a question of triumph or defeat to the very end, KÀ is entertainment on an entirely new level. Forreal.

38 Special

Folks, 38 Special is coming to Vegas. And no we’re not talkin’ about your favorite fast food combo meal. If you’re not sure who or what a 38 Special is, it’s time for you to pull your head out of that book and get in touch with the world. These guys are only one of the biggest Southern Rock bands from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Their mega hit, “Hold On Loosely” has only been featured in basically every movie ever, and popular tunes like, “Caught Up in You” and “Teacher, Teacher” are sure to get your booty shakin’ too. That’s why these guys continue to tour the world and pack the house at over 100 live concerts per year, so we dare you to name something else from the ‘70s that popular. We’ll keep waiting. This legendary band has sold over 20 million copies of their many albums, going gold and platinum on multiple occasions.  So if you’re smart, you’ll hit the drive-thru BEFORE you see the concert. That way you won’t miss a moment of the action.

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

Alert the press! Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE inside Mandalay Bay is hot, hot, hot. Time to bust out your moonwalk skills for a Las Vegas show that will make you scream “ooow ow.”  With visual iconography and stunts, Michael Jackson ONE dives into Cirque du Soleil’s vibrant world. While you’re following the four young adventurers, the show takes you through all of your favorite hits that are accompanied by high flying acrobats, and of course, dance numbers unlike any other. This Las Vegas show has so much going on you’ll be star struck by all the intricacies that are happening around you. There are trampolines, slacklining, aerialists flying in from above you and the coolest thing of all, they do it with ease and to some of the best music on the Strip. This show is larger than life…and then some. Bringing a whole new meaning to “Lights, Camera, Action!” Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil stuns with much more than those three commands. Get your show tickets today.   

David Copperfield

It’s David freakin’ Copperfield. Need we say more? We really don’t but since we love talking about this world-famous magician who just so happens to be our neighbor, we’ll go on and brag about him and his show anyway. The perfect combo of nostalgia, magic and showmanship, master illusionist David Copperfield continues to wow us time and again. Trust us, we’ve been about 17 times and still can’t figure out how he teleports. Seriously, how does he do that?! Anyway, moving on. This show is just mystifying enough to make you believe in the supernatural, while also making you feel like a crazy person for considering whether or not someone could actually separate their torso from their legs and live to tell the tale. We just aren’t sure how he pulls off his magic but we are more than O.K. with it. In fact, we hope the mystery continues to endure the test of time so that we can keep attending the show and increasing our chances of being picked for the audience participation. Let’s be real here. We are talking about the man who made Statue of Liberty disappear and who walked through the Great Wall of China. Clearly, anything is possible. Don’t believe us? See Copperfield perform for yourself and let us know just how many of his illusions and tricks you manage to figure out. And if you get pulled onstage, we’ll be insanely jealous.

Blue Man Group

Get ready to experience the ultimate sensory overload when our favorite blue bros take the stage and crank up the volume. An audiovisual encounter unlike anything else on the Strip, Blue Man Group is fun for the whole family and just doesn’t get old no matter how many times you see it.   The narrators of the Blue Man Group show profess to know a lot about human nature and social evolution, but the three bald and blue stars are oddly oblivious. Through music, movement and only a little bit of verbal communication, you become a part of this production and swim in the sights and sounds that douse the theater. The show is good clean fun with a variety of acts and quick-change illusions, but the core of its appeal is the company’s signature music, played on far-out, makeshift instruments. Seriously fun and unconventionally educational, you’ll have had a lot of laughs, and have maybe even shaken your caboose. Go ahead and let your jaw drop open, after all, being consumed by entertainment produced by three blue men is a perfectly acceptable reaction.

Hannah Berner

The hilarious Hannah Berner is coming to the Encore Theater for her Las Vegas debut, and you won’t want to miss a single laugh-out-loud moment.  This rising star in the comedy world has over 1.4 million followers across her social platforms, and her two podcasts, Giggly Squad and Berning in Hell, have over 20 million downloads. Named one of Just For Laughs ‘New Faces of Comedy’ in 2022, Hannah Berner is well known in clubs across New York City and is now moving her shows on tour for audiences to enjoy all over the country.  Check out this growing talent in comedy for one night only at the Encore Las Vegas!

Jamie Lissow

Actor and stand-up comedian Jamie Lissow is hitting the Laugh Factory stage inside the Tropicana for a night of fun.  Jamie Lissow is best known for his role in the Netflix series Real Rob alongside SNL alums like Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Norm McDonald, and David Spade. He co-wrote and co-produced the series as well as co-writing and producing his first movie, Daddy Daughter Trip, which recently wrapped filming. He’ll also be starring in the feature film, The Animal 2 on Fox.  You may have seen Lissow on multiple late-night talk shows, on the Last Comic Standing, his Dry Bar Comedy appearance, which has over 20 million views, or his solo half-hour special on Comedy Central. Get your tickets now!

Ray Romano and Brian Regan

Ray Romano and Brian Regan have teamed up to entertain Vegas audiences at the Mirage! Ray Romano has been a superstar on the comedy scene for decades. He’s most famous for playing the titular role in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” which he scored after multiple appearances on the “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show.” More recently, he has appeared in several movies and shows, including the “Ice Age” franchise, “Parenthood” and “Men of a Certain Age.” Brian Regan is a stand up comedy master who has been creating laughs through his multiple stand up specials, appearances on late night shows, and his voice acting talents on multiple animation shows. Head on down to the Mirage to witness these comedy superstars in action. You’ll be cracking up from start to finish.    


America’s favorite faceless dance crew is back. Jabbawockeez rose to fame on “America’s Best Dance Crew” and has since captivated  audiences and the dance community with its unique style. In white masks and gloves, the Jabbawockeez direct audience members’ attention away from their individual identities to emphasize the dancers’ unity and to create visual representations of music. Known for their choreography, creativity and killer moves, The Jabbawockeez have won multiple awards including “Best All Ages Production” four years in a row. Their athleticism and precise rhythm have made them one of the world’s most influential dance crews. Jabbawockeez was the first dance crew to headline on the Las Vegas Strip. Their show “MÜS.I.C.” premiered at the MGM Grand in 2010. They have since performed at the Monte Carlo and Luxor. They are now returning to the MGM Grand for an unforgettable show.

Mix Spring Fling with Jason Mraz & Dean Lewis

Spring Fling isn’t just a dance from your high school days; it’s a one-day-only musical Smorgasbord hosted by Mix 94.1 featuring the Multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Jason Mraz alongside Dean Lewis and others at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas! Jason Mraz is a Songwriters Hall of Fame Honoree who has released seven studio albums, with an 8th slated for release in June. This newest album, Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride, is Mraz’s return to pop music since his 2008 album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., which included his beloved songs I’m Yours and Lucky. Australian newcomer Dean Lewis is here to showcase the songs from his second album, The Hardes Love. He’s continued to climb the international charts and is becoming a global sensation. Spring Fling’s opener is local artist Michael Richter. His explosive live performances and confessional storytelling make him the perfect opener for this one-night-only extravaganza!

Westgate Comedy Cabaret

If you’re looking for a show that’ll have you laughing all night long, then the Westgate Comedy Cabaret is the spot for you. The Westgate has hosted legendary comedians like Eddie Murphy and Norm Crosby, but their new comedy venue hands the mike over to some of the up-and-comedy voices of Sin City, and they’re sure to have your sides splitting with their stand-up routines.  Don’t wait. Get your tickets today!

The Garden Bottomless Brunch

Sickening queens, delicious food, and bottomless cocktails combine to create the unforgettable Bottomless Brunch at The Garden gay bar in Las Vegas.  Featuring an ever-changing lineup of drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and beyond, this fabulous show will have you gagging by the end. Strut over to The Garden Bottomless Brunch and watch these queens serve some fierce realness.

Tig Notaro

A legend in the comedy world, Tig Notaro was named one of Rolling Stone’s ’50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time,’ and she’s been Emmy and Grammy-nominated.  Her work includes numerous talk show appearances, multiple podcasts, and appearances in films like Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead and shows like Stark Trek: Discovery and her co-written cutting-edge show One Mississippi.  You won’t want to miss this comedy rockstar in action!  

Frankly Frank

Frank Sinatra is one of the original Las Vegas Rat Pack legends, so it only makes sense to have a tribute show in his honor.  Frankly Frank at Alexis Park stars tribute artist Gary Anthony and features an intimate feel that’s perfect for showcasing the iconic tunes of this Rat Pack crooner.  From his best-selling hits to his lesser-known tracks, Frankly Frank will take you back to a bygone era of glitz, glamour, and entertainment that put Sin City on the map. 

The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge has one of the most unique acts on the Strip as well as one of the most unique job titles: Mentalist. As a “mentalist,” McCambridge reads the minds of random audience members and predicts the outcome of random situations during the performance. The entire show is also laced with comedy and plenty of audience interaction, making each performance a different experience. For the past 20 years, celebrities have flown McCambridge, also known as the “Mentalist to the Stars,” around the world to entertain at Hollywood parties. He has performed for such names as Donald Trump, Courteney Cox, Howard Stern, Lisa Kudrow, Tim Burton, Dennis Miller, David Spade, Carrie Fisher and many more. In 2004 McCambridge had his first one-hour network prime-time television special on NBC. Millions more around the world have seen the special in countries such as Canada, Africa, Australia, Korea, the Middle East, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In the summer of 2004, McCambridge also took his one-man mind reading show to New York City. His off-Broadway show was a critically-praised hit.

Magic Mike Live – Las Vegas

Ladies! Let’s get in formation because the men of Magic Mike are here to slay our hearts and our eyes. Leave the boyfriend at home – or hell bring him – and enjoy a night of strip teases, killer dance moves and even some comedy. Channing Tatum, star of the popular movie “Magic Mike,” created this show due to the overwhelming success of the franchise. The production features alluring choreography and thrives off of audience reactions. The show has no bias towards gender: men and women alike hoot and holler because these men are too hot to keep your voices down. Inside this fantastic theater space there isn’t a bad seat in the house, with every spot perfectly situated to give every guest an eyeful of these handsome hunks. What makes this show truly spectacular is the fact that they highlight every performers unique assets, and no we aren’t just talking their physical ones. These men can sing, play guitar, dance the salsa, perform aerial spins, and one even gives a lucky lady the chance to sit on his lap while he plays a drum set that descends from the ceiling.  This Vegas show has it all: stunning production value, gorgeous men, and plenty of scream-worthy audience participation. Magic Mike Live packs the heat, so make sure to bring your fan – you’re going to need it after the first guy takes his shirt off.

Ali Wong: Live

Let’s talk about sex… and Ali Wong. Those two belong in a sentence the same as unicorns and rainbows. Ali Wong embraces the Asian persuasion and rolls with all the stereotypical jokes that come along with it. She even took it a step further and got an Asian American Studies degree from UCLA. Yeah, you can say she knows a lot about the struggle of her people. But, that doesn’t stop her from talking about all the hot sexy Asian men she wants to ride into the sunset. Her stand-up special on Netflix called “Baby Cobra” is sure to show her interests in men and might as well be classified as soft core porn. Yeah, it’s that intense. And she’ll make you laugh so much you’ll throw your vibrator out of the window. Yeah, we went there, but so will she, so we’re just trying to warm you up. She’s ready to raise a few eyebrows and make you pee your pants laughing. Get tickets to Ali Wong at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas today!

Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal

Wayne Newton is no stranger to the spotlight. He started performing in Vegas when he was just 15 years old. More than 50 years later, his star still shines on the Las Vegas Strip. His charm and endearing personality as an entertainer have earned him the moniker “Mr. Las Vegas.” Newton’s show, “Up Close and Personal”, draws on his illustrious Vegas career, creating a unique experience as it showcases Newton’s hit songs, musical talents (He can play 13 different instruments!) and personal stories from decades of entertaining around the world. You can definitely expect to hear Newton’s hit (and Wayniacs’ favorite song) “Danke Schoen.” But what we’re most excited about are Newton’s stories. Having performed more than 30,000 Las Vegas shows, Newton has seen Vegas transformed and has worked with everyone from the Rat Pack to The Killers. Combined with videos, his tales provide a unique and entertaining look at a legendary performer and the city he embraced. A natural entertainer, Newton’s down-to-earth approach is why he’s the darling of Vegas entertainment. His enthusiasm always returns to the crowd tenfold, who live it up at every turn. Get your tickets to see Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal today. 

Piff the Magic Dragon show

Piff The Magic Dragon and his loyal pup, Mr. Piffles, are bringing their unique comedy magic to the Flamingo Las Vegas.  On the heels of his success with the famed reality television show,”America’s Got Talent,” this magical dragon is bringing big laughs and unexplainable magic to Las Vegas. Piff, Mr. Piffles (the World’s Only Magic Performing Chihuaua), and the lovely Vegas showgirl Jade Simone will be wowing audiences with a collection of their greatest routines from their evolving magical repertoire. Don’t miss your chance to have a laugh and be amazed when Piff and his furry pal take the Vegas stage at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

O by Cirque du Soleil

“O” is not just the name of the show, it also happens to be the sound you’ll make for the entire 90 minutes of this ethereal production. This aquatic-themed Cirque du Soleil show immerses audiences into a dream world of acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and other marine characters in, on and above a 1.5-million-gallon pool. Considering the dimensions of this unique performance area, it is easy to feel as though you’re in an alternate universe. It’s important to note the audience is placed just outside the splash zone, so there’s no need to worry about getting wet. Many of the intricate sets descend from the ceiling, often submerging entirely with the performers still attached. Acrobats and gymnasts exhibit gravity-defying stunts and create watery illusions in the pool at center stage. Each performer has multiple identical costumes they change into throughout the show, so that when they reemerge from underwater stunts, they can appear dry again. A family-friendly show, this mesmerizing performance will leave you breathless and provide great memories for years to come.

Jim Jefferies

What do kangaroos, Vegemite, and comedian Jim Jefferies at Mirage have in common? They’re all super popular in the U.S., and you thought we were going to say that they were all from Australia. Jim Jefferies is from Australia, but much like those aforementioned Australian staples, Jefferies has gone global. Jefferies has been makin’ blokes and sheilas laugh since 2007, but it wasn’t until 2009 that his comedy reached international audiences here in the states. Since then, he’s performed at too many festivals and famous venues to count. He was even recently awarded the coveted title of Stand-Up Comedian of the Year at the Just For Laughs Festival and just finished the final season of his talk show on Comedy Central. He’s also created three separate comedy specials on Netflix as well as his weekly podcast. Get your tickets now to see the hilarious Jim Jefferies at the Mirage!  

Jerry Seinfeld

Nasally voice, curly cues (nope, it’s not Adam Sandler), it’s one of our faves, Jerry Seinfeld. He’s hitting the Vegas Strip and it’s kind of a big deal. Launching his stand-up career at New York’s Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, Seinfeld has become one of the brightest stars of them all. Boy, New York sure knows how to make ’em. Most of you probably know him from the iconic ‘90s show “Seinfeld,” which everyone still loves. Since becoming humongously successful, he’s become a best-selling author, movie actor and a show creator (again!). All while staying true to his stand-up roots.  Don’t miss one of the most famous funnymen in the world as he sets up shop in Sin City.

Keith Urban: The Las Vegas Residency

If “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” you’re in luck because Keith Urban is going to light up the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Hit-maker, TV star, entrepreneur. What can Keith Urban not do, ladies and gentlemen? He’s basically been a walking success since the very beginning and he has 18 No.1 hits to prove it. Hit songs like “You’ll Think of Me” and “Days Go By” are instant classics, while “Somebody Like You” was named by Billboard as the biggest country hit of the 2000s. So yeah, there’s success rearing its head again. But that’s not all! He was a judge on American Idol and his wife, maybe you’ve heard of her, is Nicole bleeping Kidman. Some guys have all the bleeping luck. Cheap tickets to Keith Urban: The Las Vegas Residency inside the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood are available now. Get yours today.

Daniel Tosh

When we say the words “Daniel Tosh,” what comes to mind? Below the belt punches? Crop-dusting people? Internet videos? That’s actually not too far from the truth, because we’re sure he’s going to talk about all those things when he steps on stage in Vegas.   Daniel Tosh is ridiculously popular due to his time spent as host of the hit Comedy Central show “Tosh.0,” but even he’ll tell you that standup is his first love. At least we think. We can’t shake the feeling that this dude is messing with us. Anyways, Tosh is a man of many talents, as his numerous standup specials and his own cartoon show prove. Oh yeah, he created his own cartoon show on Comedy Central called “Brickleberry.” What have we done with our life, right? We’re just going to warn you: Daniel Tosh is an acquired taste. Much like crop-dusting people, actually.

Laugh Factory

The world-famous Laugh Factory has a home in Vegas at the Tropicana. The comedy club features a rotating roster of established comedians and new rising stars of comedy. The original Laugh Factory opened in 1979 in Hollywood and soon became known for spawning some of the hottest stand-up comedians in the world. Countless comics have performed at the Laugh Factory since its inception including: Tim Allen, Louie Anderson, Roseanne Barr, Milton Berle, David Brenner, Nick Cannon, Drew Carey, George Carlin, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Rodney Dangerfield, Ellen DeGeneres, Phyllis Diller, Jeff Dunham, Jeff Foxworthy, Redd Foxx, Eddie Griffin, Kathy Griffin, Buddy Hackett, Bob Hope, Andy Kaufman, Sam Kinison, Martin Lawrence, Jay Leno, David Letterman, George Lopez, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Carlos Mencia, Mo’Nique, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Paul Reiser, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Bob Saget, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, Wanda Sykes, Chris Tucker, Damon Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Flip Wilson, Robin Williams and many more. As a starting point for so many successful comedians, the Laugh Factory has been recognized as “The No. 1 Comedy Club in the Country” by USA Today. With locations in Long Beach, Calif., Chicago and now Las Vegas, the Laugh Factory is known around the world as one of the premiere spots for comedy.

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

A gigantic baby? A humongous, inflatable snail? OK, you’ve got our attention. Like fine art, the storyline of Mystère at Treasure Island is left up to individual interpretation. But one thing about this production is for sure: this show, which also happens to be the first Cirque du Soleil production in Vegas, is so entertaining you’ll want to stay for an encore after the final bow. Oh, and speaking of the performers, the show features an international cast of 67 artists that are the ultimate example of “don’t try this at home.” We always wonder whether or not these crazy-talented performers are even human. They fly, they muscle up poles like tree frogs and make us feel pretty bad about not being able to touch our toes. They’re friggin’ amazing, and they have no fear and apparently no bones in their super-bendy bodies. Performing stunts like quadruple flips off teeterboards and other eye-popping tricks we average folk couldn’t dream of if we tried, this show is so unreal you just kinda have to let it happen. Emphasizing family-friendly, awe-inspiring athleticism and imaginative imagery, Mystère embraces all the signature Cirque du Soleil elements that have made this show one of the must-see productions on the Las Vegas Strip. And if you’re looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, look no further than the IN THE WINGS VIP experience. Here, you’ll join the cast onstage for a high-five moment during the final bows and sip on a glass of champagne during an exclusive artist meet-and-greet as a professional photographer captures the moment. Of course VIP seats will have you up-close-and-personal to all the onstage action. And oh yeah, there will be a VIP Guide onsite to escort the party throughout the theatre, too. Enjoy.  

SIX The Musical

Divorced. Beheaded. Died. Divorced. Beheaded. Survived. This modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of King Henry VIII is a rock n’ roll musical that has won two Tony Awards for Best Original Score and Best Costume Design.  These Tudor Queens are taking the mics and creating a histo-remix where they take control of the narrative through multiple songs that range from hilarious to heartbreaking that’ll be stuck in you your head for days.  This viral sensation began at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 before continuing on to London’s West End and then to Broadway in New York City. Unique, heartfelt, and filled with plenty of attitude, SIX The Musical is one of the biggest modern musical hits, and you won’t want to miss your chance to see it live at the Venetian Las Vegas!



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